Once we went to Pensacola

Our adventure began, early evening… a road trip with a 6 month old, a 3 year old and two exhausted parents. 10 hours in a car, to Pensacola. Sadly, my godfather, and uncle, passed away and we hadn’t been up to see them. I wish so bad that we had gone sooner – but we made the best of the sadness… and spent some time with my amazing Auntie.

So behind her house, is this AMAZING little “forest” Chech called it. It was really just an overgrown lot – but every once in a while my aunt said Deer would pass through. I’m just a fan of this beautiful golden light.



We TRIED to go walk around Downtown the first day – but it was 40 degrees. Wind was NUTS. So these South Floridians took one step out of the car, saw some dolphins swimming in the harbor, and bee lined it straight back to the car.


We settled for some take out pizza, coloring and cartoons at home instead. Which was perfect, considering we got to hang out and talk to my Auntie – and see all the amazing pictures from her and my Uncle’s road trip around the US. They took these beautiful photos of all these national parks they had visited… and I got to hear stories about how much fun they had. 🙂
On our last day in town, Javy and I took the girls into Downtown Pensacola to explore while my Aunt took care of some things around the house.

Here, we stumbled across the Pensacola Children’s Museum – where we had so much fun playing in the market and historically themed exhibits. Pretty darn cool! DowntownPensacola-0024 DowntownPensacola-0027 DowntownPensacola-0029 DowntownPensacola-0034 DowntownPensacola-0042 DowntownPensacola-0045 DowntownPensacola-0049 DowntownPensacola-0055 DowntownPensacola-0058 DowntownPensacola-0083 DowntownPensacola-0084 DowntownPensacola-0094 DowntownPensacola-0098

Then we took a walk around downtown… checking out the park squares, the “Old” town and we even wandered over to a tiny beach.DowntownPensacola-0103 DowntownPensacola-0110 DowntownPensacola-0112 DowntownPensacola-0116 DowntownPensacola-0124 DowntownPensacola-0134 DowntownPensacola-0140 DowntownPensacola-0152 DowntownPensacola-0165 DowntownPensacola-0175
DowntownPensacola-0201 DowntownPensacola-0230 DowntownPensacola-0239 DowntownPensacola-0271 DowntownPensacola-0272

Although the reason for our visit wasn’t the best – it was a chance for us to spend some time with my Auntie and enjoy her company.

I miss her much.

The Bubble Chronicles

As a “Work at Home” Mom – I find myself creating opportunities to tire out the kids. Milena naps for 15 minutes. Alexandria has no idea what the word “Nap” means. Jack needs a good 20 minutes of running from one side of the yard to the other so he leaves the kids alone. I’m a Photographer and Home Operations Manager. Creatively making my way through every day – losing a little bit of my sanity every 24 hours. But that’s cool right? Aren’t all the mastermind creatives completely bonkers?

This year, I made a resolution to shoot my own every day a little more creatively. Finding the beauty in the ordinary.

And our ordinary has a lot of bubbles these days. Every day, for about 45 minutes, we run around in the bubbles and pretend we’re in a “Bubble World”. It’s hysterical to watch & a whole lot of fun to listen to Alexandria pretend she’s saving a King. Or discovering a hidden treasure. Or “Solving a Mystery”. Sometimes Jack plays along and lately he’s been so much more cuddly with all of us. I think he’s finally growing out of that crazy puppy stage and a little happier just hanging out. Regardless, Chech is definitely enjoying every second of it. <3

WebImages-0988 WebImages-0995 WebImages-1008 WebImages-1020 WebImages-1026 WebImages-1041 WebImages-1057 WebImages-1086 WebImages-1094 WebImages-1099 WebImages-1100 WebImages-1108 WebImages-1127

Apparently Jack loves bubbles too.

Santa brought us a bubble machine.

My secret Mom Motive for that request from the old fat man? The ability to work outside with an entertained 3 year old. I had ZERO idea that my crazy pup would also find it supremely satisfying as well. Just be honest with your inner self for a sec – act like popping a bubble doesn’t provide you with some kind of crazy gratification!

Regardless – cut to Jack & Chech, running carefree through the yard. Popping Bubbles. Ignoring the Poop Landmines. Just chilling, being kids. So I took a few photos with my iPhone…

JackSmashPhotos-5151 JackSmashPhotos-5152 JackSmashPhotos-5154 JackSmashPhotos-5155 JackSmashPhotos-5159 JackSmashPhotos-5160 JackSmashPhotos-5161 JackSmashPhotos-5162 JackSmashPhotos-5163 JackSmashPhotos-5167


And then this. HYSTERICAL.


My Dearest Valentine

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for always coming to my rescue.

Thank you for building us a family, and a home.

Thank you for setting the example of everything a Man should be for our princess.

Thank you for seeing the best in people, even me, when it seems like there is no good left.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Thank you for giving me a reason to believe in Valentine’s Day again.

Thank you, for being you.


Sunday “Family” Funday | Palm Beach Zoo

For the first time in a while, neither Javy or I had anything work related we had to do – and on the same day. So we decided to take full advantage and have a fun little adventure. We headed up north to the Palm Beach Zoo and spent the afternoon exploring something completely new. 🙂 Here are our family photos – hope you enjoy! 

It was just a little sunny?

01PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 02PalmBeachZooSundayFunday

It’s a Mini-horse… not a pony.

03PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 04PalmBeachZooSundayFunday

We had fun hopping around all day.


I LOVE my little family. 🙂

06PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 07PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 08PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 09PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 10PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 11PalmBeachZooFlamingo 12PalmBeachZooFlamingo 13PalmBeachZooFlamingo 14PalmBeachZooSundayFunday
Apparently the River Otters at Palm Beach Zoo give High Fives?! So cool. 🙂

15PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 16PalmBeachZooSundayFunday


Five Sense Friday [A weekly experience]

After perusing blog after blog during this year’s NoBloPoMo, I’ve come across some preetttyyyy awesome ideas for weekly blog posts. One of my favorites so far, something I found on The Urban Hippie, called “Five Senses”. Now I’m pretty sure this isn’t the concept’s origin – but since it’s the first one I’ve ever seen, I’m just gonna let credit lay there. 🙂

Sooooooo – Happy First Ever Five Sense Friday!



Hearing: Today I’m jamming to my girl Lana Del Ray because when I grow up I want to be her. I want fabulous hooker nails and long flowy golden hair, and a wardrobe that would make any 1980’s hippie jealous. Gimme. Gimme all of thems. Oh, and her music rocks. I don’t care if she’s autotuned, or it’s someone else singing as rumored all over ze interwebs – she’s awesome and listening to National Anthem makes me feel invincible! Don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and press play below.

seeSeeing: Today I’m not in the classroom because I have a wedding – so I’m seeing all of the housework I would normally not have to deal with until I got home around 4. Too bad so sad housework – you’ll have to wait!


feelFeeling: I’m feeling INCREDIBLY excited about the wedding this afternoon! I’m also always a little nervous and anxious for it to be over. It’s like that scene from Old School where I take a deep breath, the magic happens, and suddenly I’m back. What happened I blacked out!




Tasting: Right now, I’m tasting this delicious Venti (because I’m a boss) Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, because I’m a white girl and that’s what you do while you blog at Starbucks – like duh!




Smelling: I am all about the way my daughter’s shampoo smells. Call me crazy – you won’t be the first – but I just can’t get enough of the way her head smells after she’s had a bath. I foresee lots of other odd ‘smells’ every friday – brace yourself.


Um, so that’s it! This is seriously one of my new favorite ‘specialdays’ to write about. Let’s see what happens next Friday! Hopefully there’s a Christmas Tree somewhere in the “smell” column.



Want to play Five Sense Friday?! Feel free to borrow those images above and play along!

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