We’re having a… freakout over this new Boutique!

Here she is, stretching awkwardly during our last Ultrasound. Hi baby girl!!!

photo (2)

I’ve been feeling her A LOT more in the last few days… Usually 30-40 minutes after I eat – which is coincidentally at the same time that I usually make a trip to the bathroom for all of my food to come right back up… which is just SUPER FUN! These days I’ve been feeling EXTRA exhausted, and again, I’m struggling with the effects of anemia. Dizziness, Fatigue, Fatigue oh and Fatigue – and obviously hunger. All of this is going to be OH SO worth it in a few months when we get another beautiful princess to love and join her rightful place in our family as Alexandria’s best friend.

So, with all the stuff I’m not looking forward to (being 7-9 months pregnant, childbirth, CSection effects) – there IS SOMETHING to get excited about.. I get to shop for BABY GIRL CLOTHES again!!!

One of my super awesome friends, and blogger SuperMaura posted about TrunkDax on Instagram – and my curiosity got the best of me. 

Something about AMAZINGLY handpainted onesies  SCREAMED “Hey you, you know you need this. Come on over to the dark side”



… and it was one of the best curiosity clicks I ever did! Within minutes, I had placed an order for this SUPER cute hot pink floral tutu dress. Then, much to my surprise, Christine sent me this GORGEOUS Flower Headband to match!! Talk about JACKPOT! So here’s Chech enjoying her “Princess Dress” outside before it rained for the 100th time this week…

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU, share my awesome purchase and encourage you to Check out TrunkDax on Instagram!

ChechTrunkDax002web ChechTrunkDax003web ChechTrunkDax004web ChechTrunkDax005web