Royal Poinciana & Chech

I am totally obsessed with these orange flowering trees, appropriately named Royal Poincianas – and I’m completely obsessed with my Chech… So it just makes sense that I’d take the Penny for a spin and see what beauty we could make.

Can you believe this big girl is starting Kindergarten?!

Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080001 Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080002 Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080006 Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080009 Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080013 Portra400_Pentax645_ChildPhotography-398010080015

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