Finally, Family.

Tonight was one of those rare nights where all four of actually get to spend time together. Since opening up The Real Estate Shoppe last February, we have been eating, drinking and sleeping Real Estate and our Family Business – and our ability to spend real quality time with our family has totally suffered.

So, in an attempt to get some good, quality time in, tonight we made our way to the Fort Lauderdale Area and wandered around exploring. If you’ve followed along for a while, you’ll remember when we lived in what was the beginning of Flagler Village – at then what was known as “Alexan Solmar”. Across the street from our tiny little one bedroom apartment in this mid-rise was a BRAND NEW playground that opened right around the time Alexandria turned 8 months old. We spent countless hours waving at puppies that walked by, crawling all over the green plastic turf chasing balls – Alexandria even took some of her first steps in this playground! So tonight, after a few years, we went back to play, now with Mimi! 

Papi and Chech playing “the red squares are lava”.

Mimi made it up the slide by herself!

Chech is also big enough now to know how to keep her balance on these twisty turny gadgets!

Before we made our way over to the Fat Village Art Walk, we stopped in at Colada House for Papi to get his favorite Iced Cafe con Leche. ​

​Fully caffeinated,  we raced back to the car to finally head to the Art Walk. 

Oh, #hellosunny

The kids especially liked the large art installations – Chech was in AWE.

Then… some creative genius figured out that Roombas can do more than just sweep a MEAN living room… how cool is this?!?

We roamed in and out of galleries, and into the C & I studios courtyard where we found OBLEAS!

Milena was very impressed, 😂

Then we found a Karaoke Booth – where we sang Moana, obviously. Well, one person needed a snack break…


We really had a great time and I think we’ll be making this a family tradition. 



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