Day 1: New Blog

Every time I see some kind of ‘project’ floating around Instagram I get excited. As a creative person I long for the outlet of ‘making’ things – and as a social human I love to feel as if I’m a part of something greater.

I stumbled across the #100dayproject yesterday, on a watercolor artist’s feed. This insanely talented painter eloquently stroked beautiful globs of tinted water from her brush to create the most realistic pebbles I’ve ever seen. Below her 30 second video was a brief explanation of what her goal for the next 100 days entailed and ended it with #100dayproject. I quickly tapped the hashtag and got lost in all kinds of “projects”. What began 4 years ago as a project, aimed at purposefully developing ones creativity through action – has blossomed into a project that knows no boundaries. One woman is going to improve her home in a small way each day for the next 100 days. Another is going to write herself a compliment, every single morning for 100 days. Some projects are centered in creative growth, others in physical or mental improvements…. mine will be a little bit of all of it.

A few weeks ago I attended a “Motherhood” workshop (Follow @edelperezcoaching on Insta for more info) where I had the opportunity to really dive into my existence as not only a Mother, but as Amanda. I realized very quickly that there is great beauty to be uncovered as we enter new stages of our life. In one activity, we talked about the versions of ourselves before our children were born, writing down words that we would use to describe our “pre-baby selves”. I realized one of the things that kept my soul on fire before my name changed to Mom, was my ability to be spontaneous. Now that the kids are older, I can start to work a bit of the adventurousness back into our lives and try to empower these girls with the desire to be brace. 

So, for the next 100 days, I am going to embrace the “new” in our daily life. Through actions small and large, I will be working something NEW into our daily lives and documenting it as part of the #100dayproject.

Today, is day 1 – and today got a brand new look!

WISH ME LUCK for the next 99 days!

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