#my100daysofnew: 2-12

So, I’m not only SUPREMELY proud of myself for keeping up with this 100 day commitment, but I’m also having a pretty good time figuring out how to work new things into our daily chaos.

Whether it’s something simple like listening to new music, watching a new movie – or physically GOING somewhere to introduce new experiences to our family, it’s all been fun so far. I MIGHT be bending the rules a little bit, simply because I’m involving my kids in this journey. For example, Day 8, I showed the kids my favorite Slick Rick song, Mona Lisa… (haha) even though I’ve obviously already listened to this song a ZILLION times they’d never heard it so it was totally new to them – which was totally new to me watching them listen to something new, so that works right?

Moving on – here are days 2-12 of #my100daysofnew as part of the #100dayproject.

Day 2: We discovered a new park! Orchid Park, Coral Springs

Day 3: Dinner at the Park

Day 4: Realtor! After working with Javy at The Real Estate Shoppe for a little over two years, I finally was able to transition out of my Wedding Photography business and officially have joined the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors!  Whoop Whoop!

Day 5: Um – Boston Creme Misha’s Cupcakes – YUM. How have I never tried this before?!

Day 6 – Kicks! Our super awesome friend Laura invited us to the Kick-it Academy Spring Season kick-off, and Alex and Mimi had a BLAST running some drills on the field with other kids. They loved it so much we signed them up to start on Sunday April 30! We’ll be out there every Sunday Morning – I hope the girls have as much fun for the next few months as they did at the celebration! 

Day 7: Playdoh + Cookie Cutters
I found these awesome letter & number ‘cookie cutters’ at Ace Educational in Davie – very inexpensive and engaging way to help little ones with their recognition and word building! Mimi was boss of a few different letters, and Alex had to make words in the dough – fun all the way around!

Day 8: Mona Lisa

Day 9: First ever Playdate with Mishka!

Day 10: A new Dairy Free Ice Cream – NadaMoo! I love my Ice Cream with Fruit – makes the sweet a little tart and extends the life the the yum without the ice cream calories.

Day 11: Horton Hears a Who!

I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this movie before, but we hadn’t! So, we took advantage of the Paragon Movie Theatre Free Movie Friday – met up with our friend Mishka & her Mom – and wiggled through an entire movie! Note the word wiggle.

Day 12: Today, my something new is a little silly, but it’s NEW so it works! This was my very first Wedding at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach! It was also my very last wedding evarrrrrrrrrrrrr and it was a bittersweet happiness because it was also my cousin’s Wedding.
So we did a thing.


With about 10% of this #100dayproject complete, I’m looking forward to the challenges of keeping up with this commitment and working new fun into our every day life!

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