1/2 a year.


How on God’s Green Earth has this little sunshine been on this planet for already HALF OF A YEAR. She will be 7 months old in a few days – and although it makes me sad to think there will soon be no more babies in this house… it makes me happy to know that Chech and her are growing into best friends. <3


Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0054 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0056 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0057 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0061 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0074 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0079 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0082 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0096 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0113 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0118 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0142 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0151 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0155 Milena-TheChech-SplashPool-0165

I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day.

This life is chaos. My family is a beautiful, traveling circus – perfectly combining entertainment, excitement and suspense all in one ball of energy. Will the tightrope walker make it across the line? Of course – she’s a professional. Will I make it through the week? Of course – because I have no other option. And I’m also a professional Mom.

And what makes a circus even more interesting? Really awesome animals. Elephants. Lions. Tigers. Rare, giant creatures, fascinating to look at – who’ve learned impressive tricks. That’s pretty much what my kids are, just sans the giant part. Fascinating creatures, who’ve learned tricks like saying “Thank You”, or who can sit up in a high chair and smile at people.

So today, while this nasty cold front moves through, and the clouds steal my sunshine…. I’ve got these two wonderful beings to brighten our home. <3


Apparently Jack loves bubbles too.

Santa brought us a bubble machine.

My secret Mom Motive for that request from the old fat man? The ability to work outside with an entertained 3 year old. I had ZERO idea that my crazy pup would also find it supremely satisfying as well. Just be honest with your inner self for a sec – act like popping a bubble doesn’t provide you with some kind of crazy gratification!

Regardless – cut to Jack & Chech, running carefree through the yard. Popping Bubbles. Ignoring the Poop Landmines. Just chilling, being kids. So I took a few photos with my iPhone…

JackSmashPhotos-5151 JackSmashPhotos-5152 JackSmashPhotos-5154 JackSmashPhotos-5155 JackSmashPhotos-5159 JackSmashPhotos-5160 JackSmashPhotos-5161 JackSmashPhotos-5162 JackSmashPhotos-5163 JackSmashPhotos-5167


And then this. HYSTERICAL.