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We're having a... freakout over this new Boutique!

Here she is, stretching awkwardly during our last Ultrasound. Hi baby girl!!! I’ve been feeling her A LOT more in the last few days… Usually 30-40 minutes after I eat – which is coincidentally at the same time that I usually make a trip to the bathroom for all of my food to come right back up… which is just SUPER FUN! These days I’ve been feeling EXTRA exhausted, and again, […]


The Chech goes to Disney World - Round 2

There is no happiness, like the happiness you experiencing watching amazement in your child’s eyes. Maybe the day you give birth to them might be up there on the charts – but watching sheer joy EXUDE from your 2 year old is pretty darn satisfying. We started our Disney World experience with breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. Chech was a huge fan of the breakfast – which included […]


Meet Gentleman Jack!

World, meet Jack the Gentleman! I’ve been bothering Javy a LOT lately about adopting a puppy, and today he finally granted my wish and took us to Animal Services to see what we could find. First stop was at the Humane Society – where we had no luck finding a puppy. There were lots of BEAUTIFUL young dogs, but not small enough that I’d be comfortable bringing them into the […]


Streaming some feels.

Written at 3/18/14, 10:05pm Streaming writing. That’s all this is. Just a really stressful day that has developed multiple emotions, frustrations and even some smiles… Because, Pregnant. I’m laying here in bed listening to the two loves of my life in the other room play and have conversation and I’m just feeling feels. Lately, between all of the hustle of every day life, the worry of bringing Baby #2 into […]


Fun [and cheap] Toddler Craft

Two words. Too Big. Too Quick. I cannot believe this little girl in these photos is my baby… Nowadays it’s less “busy” activities and more learning opportunities. This kid is a sponge. Put something a little TINY bit unfamiliar to her in the room, and Mrs. Curiosity is off to explore it. So when I stopped at Joann Fabrics last week to pick up some Prop Materials for a Photoshoot, a […]


Cumbiambera Chechies

Ummm… Can this kid get any cuter? Ok, I’m a little biased… just a little. I cannot believe how big my beautiful princess is getting. 3. My baby will be 3 this year. And then, she’ll no longer be my “baby” – but my “big girl”. One of the things she’s always loved to do is play “dress up”. Whether its putting on my tank tops and pretending it’s a dress […]