The Jack Chronicles: Part 1

To say that becoming a dog mom has been an adventure, is not doing it justice. On March 23, after months and months of me begging and pleading, the wonderful Papi Lindo agreed to go look for puppies to adopt. We walked into Broward County Animal Services, and found this little delicious caramel colored puppy that I just wanted to squeeze to death. (Welcoming Home Jack)

Well, fast forward a few weeks and that adorable little mushy ball of fur and puppy breath had morphed into a hyper, self destructive 20 pound animal that all of us were on the verge of giving up on. We’d tried everything. At first, we barricaded him in the kitchen so he’d have space to play… this resulting in my tired, preggo behind coming home every day to a kitchen full of pee and poop. When he got to about 3 months old, and he was sleeping through the night without having to be let out, we decided it was time to leave him in the crate while we were gone. It would train him to hold his bodily functions a little longer, and would get him more comfortable with his crate… made perfect sense. BUT we were both working 8+ hours a day, and Jack would end up being stuck in a crate for 6-7 hours a day (since we left and got home at staggered times). We’d get home, and he’d BURST out of that crate like a Bat out of Hell. Running up and down the hallway, chasing Chech and driving her crazy. We’d take him outside, and throw the ball, play with toys, try to tire him out. “A tired puppy is a behaved puppy” a lot of people would say. I was beginning to believe that the word “tired” didn’t exist for Jack. Then. He broke his leg.

I had gotten home a little later than usual, and Jack was stuck in the crate a little longer than he would’ve liked. I was home for maybe 25 minutes, got Chech changed out of school clothes and ready to hang out with me while I made dinner. I had gotten a package (as my online shopping obsessed self does most days), and Jack was dead set on figuring out what was inside the package. So my natural thought – put it on the table where he can’t reach it. Well, Mr. Jack “I’m Indestructible” Iglesias thought he could spiderman onto the dining room table somehow. He revved his engines from down the hall, and jumped FULL SPEED at the dining room table, falling short, because he’s not a gazelle, and was denied access to the top of the table. Falling back, and “severely spraining, and possibly breaking his back left leg at the growth plate”. A few hours, and a lot of dollars later, we were walking out of Lakeside Animal Hospital – with a 4 month old puppy, a cone of shame and a bright orange cast.

2014-05-05 20.24.34 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The next few weeks were NOT easy. This dog was, how do you say, the biggest pain in the ass this side of the Mississippi. First, he figured out how to get OUT of his Cone of Shame… then he figured out how to pull out all of the “stuffing” from his cast, allowing his poor little puppy skin to rub on the cast every time he limped through the house. Then, “light” activity, or “confined to his crate” are not words that he was willing to accept. This crazy dog would scratch at the crate, and when we let him out of the crate to go to the bathroom or eat, he’d run around clumsily knocking into EVERYTHING. On top of all that – since he was so young -sometimes he’d pee on his cast when he couldn’t hold it through out the day. Which led to bath fights and a little stinky puppy.

Finally, 6 weeks later, the cast came off, and we found ourselves with an even bigger clumsy puppy. He grew so fast, that during one vet visit, they had to take off the cast and upgrade the size so it would fit more comfortably. Over those 6 weeks, he gained 17 lbs – from 14 to 31 lbs. Nowadays, he’s weighing it at 39 lbs.

2014-05-12 17.36.59 2014-05-31 10.31.41-1

My 5 month old puppy, weighs more than my 3 year old.
Because he had the cast on forever, and because he was always in “pain”, we weren’t as strict with him in our skewed form of obedience training… and the animal has been basically doing whatever he wants. One night we came home a little late, and let him out of his crate, and he bee lined STRAIGHT for Alexandria. I know he was just excited to see her, but the fact that he superman jumped right into her, and knocked her poor little 28 lb body right into the wall opened my eyes that enough was enough. I knew at this point, Jack was NOT under control by any means, and we can’t keep him. We need to bring him to a home where the owners would have time to train him the RIGHT way. I knew I’d be home with him for the summer, and I could “spend some more time training and teaching him the right behaviors… but there’s also only 9 weeks until we have a Newborn and I will definitely NOT have that kind of time for a silly puppy.” I would tell myself. “He’s going to be a big dog, and a good dog, but poor guy needs to be TAUGHT how to behave, he’s not going to learn it over night!” I would tell Javy. “Alexandria, tell him down, and don’t pet him” I would tell Alexandria. None of it worked. And I knew it was time to give him up. I sat down in my bed in frustration, and wrote up a little Facebook & Instagram post, hoping one of my friends would volunteer to take him so we wouldn’t have to give him up to a stranger.

2014-06-08 19.51.59The VERY next day, I noticed something weird about a little patch of hair missing on his forehead. He had a tiny spot, the size of a quarter, where hair was missing and you could see his little lite pink skin. I figured since he’s crazy, he must’ve bumped his head on something and gotten a little scratch. It didn’t look infected or anything, just a tiny spot of missing hair. Then another spot popped up next to his cheek, and this one looked a little red and swollen.

And this is why Mom’s can’t have puppies… Nervous that now he’s got some kind of super infectious disease that was going to render him crippled, I called the vet. We took him in, and I was half right. He didn’t have anything that was going to make him crippled, but he did have a little infection and some skin parasites that needed to be brought under control. Due to the “stress” and little man’s immune system being “compromised” due to the broken leg – we’ve developed a “Demodex Mange” outbreak. Not contagious to people (thank god), but Demodex is basically an overpopulation of naturally occurring mites on a dog’s skin. Unfortunately for Jackity Jack – the outbreak areas are on his head and face – making it easy for him to scratch and irritate the spots even more. Never. Ending.

At this point, I was getting messages here and there from people interested in meeting Jack. ‘I have a friend who wants a big puppy to run with!’ PERFECT I thought – Jack would be an awesome running partner. But they’d have to be careful because he did just break his leg, and if they pushed him too far it could break again… and then it’d be their turn to pay $1000 for a cast, and antibiotics and special baths. But what if they didn’t want to?! What if they brought him to the pound? What if they then tried to get rid of him! Pretty ridiculous right? Not to mention, how in the world would I explain to Alexandria that we were going to bring Jack to a new home. She told people he was her “best friend”, and she’d try to hug him all day long, and he’d puppy nip her little fingers.

We couldn’t give him up.

That leads us to where we are today.

2014-05-30 17.07.38 2014-05-31 17.43.50 2014-06-13 18.38.35 2014-06-14 10.09.04



Today, we start Obedience Training, and will be going every Wednesday, for the next 6 weeks.

I’m praying this turn’s Jack the Gentleman – BACK into the little Gentleman he was when he was a puppy.

Here’s hoping! Stay tuned for the Jack Chronicles over the next few weeks… as I share all the fun stuff we’re learning, and Jack’s progress. 🙂

Operation Keep Jack an Iglesias – COMMENCE!

We’re having a… freakout over this new Boutique!

Here she is, stretching awkwardly during our last Ultrasound. Hi baby girl!!!

photo (2)

I’ve been feeling her A LOT more in the last few days… Usually 30-40 minutes after I eat – which is coincidentally at the same time that I usually make a trip to the bathroom for all of my food to come right back up… which is just SUPER FUN! These days I’ve been feeling EXTRA exhausted, and again, I’m struggling with the effects of anemia. Dizziness, Fatigue, Fatigue oh and Fatigue – and obviously hunger. All of this is going to be OH SO worth it in a few months when we get another beautiful princess to love and join her rightful place in our family as Alexandria’s best friend.

So, with all the stuff I’m not looking forward to (being 7-9 months pregnant, childbirth, CSection effects) – there IS SOMETHING to get excited about.. I get to shop for BABY GIRL CLOTHES again!!!

One of my super awesome friends, and blogger SuperMaura posted about TrunkDax on Instagram – and my curiosity got the best of me. 

Something about AMAZINGLY handpainted onesies  SCREAMED “Hey you, you know you need this. Come on over to the dark side”



… and it was one of the best curiosity clicks I ever did! Within minutes, I had placed an order for this SUPER cute hot pink floral tutu dress. Then, much to my surprise, Christine sent me this GORGEOUS Flower Headband to match!! Talk about JACKPOT! So here’s Chech enjoying her “Princess Dress” outside before it rained for the 100th time this week…

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU, share my awesome purchase and encourage you to Check out TrunkDax on Instagram!

ChechTrunkDax002web ChechTrunkDax003web ChechTrunkDax004web ChechTrunkDax005web

Sunday “Family” Funday | Palm Beach Zoo

For the first time in a while, neither Javy or I had anything work related we had to do – and on the same day. So we decided to take full advantage and have a fun little adventure. We headed up north to the Palm Beach Zoo and spent the afternoon exploring something completely new. 🙂 Here are our family photos – hope you enjoy! 

It was just a little sunny?

01PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 02PalmBeachZooSundayFunday

It’s a Mini-horse… not a pony.

03PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 04PalmBeachZooSundayFunday

We had fun hopping around all day.


I LOVE my little family. 🙂

06PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 07PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 08PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 09PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 10PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 11PalmBeachZooFlamingo 12PalmBeachZooFlamingo 13PalmBeachZooFlamingo 14PalmBeachZooSundayFunday
Apparently the River Otters at Palm Beach Zoo give High Fives?! So cool. 🙂

15PalmBeachZooSundayFunday 16PalmBeachZooSundayFunday


We found a Puppy, and named him King James [Photos & Video]

So here we are, just minding our own business and BAM. This little guy wanders into our yard. We sat out in front of our house for about an hour with him on a leash, and waited for someone to come by looking for him. We waited. We watched cars go by. We stopped passers by asking if they’d ever seen him before. And nothing. No one knew where this little guy came from and we surely weren’t going to let him roam around the streets to get hit by a car. He seemed so sweet and wonderful… happy to be sitting down and relaxing finally.

Two of our very wonderful friends, Nicole & Vince, are dog lovers who have two delicious Beagles named Charlie & Jasmine, and are fostering a cute little puppy named Daisy. With three dogs already living with them, they couldn’t take him to their house – so Nicole ran to retrieve some essentials so we could take care of him temporarily. This little boy got a bath, a name, and MAYBE just maybe a new home… We asked Alexandria what she wanted to name him and her response? “King James!”


He was great the whole time, running around, playing, hopping joyfully – but limping on his front right paw every now and then.

Around 8pm last night Javy and I took him on a little walk in the direction that he came from, north of our house. After about 20 minutes of wandering, and no one having any idea where he came from, we turned around to head home. Content with the cool weather and happy about a Miami Heat win, which was even more appropriate considering this little pup’s new name. However, a few minutes later, King James started whining, whimpering and licking his paw. He let us investigate and to our surprise we found a little bloody paw and what looked like a little gash.

Poor guy was in so much pain. I rubbed his head and he let me take a little better look at it. We got some Neosporin and was able to rub it into his paw carefully. I also had some nonstick gauze from the one time my genius 1 year old thought it would be a good idea to grab a hot light bulb… so I taped that to his paw to try to keep as much Neosporin on there as possible. He whimpered and moaned for about 15 minutes while I rubbed his head… until he fell asleep in our floor.

This is a cell phone photo I took of him last night as we were goin to sleep… him and his candy cane antibacterial ointment paw!


This morning he woke up a pretty happy puppy… and we took him to the Vet to get his paw checked out. Turns out, his cut wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, but he still needed a few shots to bring down the swelling. When we got home, he was exhausted and seemed like he was finally feeling better.  Alexandria, however, wasn’t interested in letting him relax and these few photos are just a few of the cute moments these two have created in the last 12 hours.

3FoundDogKingJames 4FoundDogKingJames 5FoundDogKingJames 6FoundDogKingJames

Alex has grown quite fond of him… and really tries to take care of him. When she saw his cut paw, she was sad about is “yai yah” – what we call “boo boos”. And when we took him to the Vet today, she asked him to “Make him feel better please!” When I told her that his tummy hurt, and he couldn’t eat, she insisted on feeding him one “papa” by one “papa”. Below is the adorableness that ensued.

I snapped a few shots of his little paw, because I was ASTONISHED at how much the swelling had gone down, and how much good a little neosporin can do for a cut… It’s still a little red and he licks it from time to time, but nowhere near as much as he did before. 🙂 And for that, I am grateful.


Not for anything, but this little guy is a Christmas Miracle. I’m really surprised that he WASN’T hit by a car. He wasn’t starving or anything when we found him so he definitely hasn’t been a street dog for weeks – but the way his paw looked he definitely had been roaming the streets for a couple days at least. We live in a really high traffic area, so for him to have been wandering for a few days and NOT gotten hit by a car is amazing.

As much as I really have grown to love this puppy in about 18 short hours, I’m keeping a realistic expectation about what’s going to happen with him. But if we DON’T find him rightful owners, we may or may not have a new member of the Family?


UPDATE: King James’ family saw our Lost Dog flyers… and called and picked up him. 🙁 We were so so so so so sad to see him go, but Alexandria totally understood that King James missed his Mommy and was happy to go home. 🙂

#MiramarStars – Oh Hello there!


I am proud to announce that I’m part of a super awesome group of badass Social Influencers who will be experiencing all the The Miramar Cultural Center has to offer this season – and then share it with my friends! Not to mention, I get to dress all fancy and maybe attend an opera?! Sign me up!

Okay – so now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can continue to the point of this post… As someone who watched them break ground on the Center, toured it as part of Leadership Pembroke Pines, and watched it blossom into this incredible cultural Mecca in Broward County – I AM SO EXCITED!

I CANNOT WAIT TO ATTEND ALL OF THE AWESOME EVENTS THE CULTURAL CENTER HAS PLANNED THIS SEASON! I’m really looking forward to the Family Series, in particular. 🙂

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 6.49.58 PMNext weekend – Freckleface Strawberry!!!!

“Freckleface The Musical, based on the beloved New York Times Best Selling book by celebrated actress Julianne Moore, you and your family can step inside the book’s pages with Freckleface and friends as they learn to love the skin they’re in.”

There’s also some really fantastic classic arts features coming to The Miramar Cultural Center – Miramar Cultural Center 2013-2014 Season Schedule


Aside from all of the enriching activities – I’ll also get to spend some time with some incredible South Floridians! Let’s meet some of these awesome peeps from #MiramarStars!

Jewel Figueras

Talk about one awesome chick! Voted Best Personal Blog in South Florida 2010 by the South Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper, JewelsFabLife is the ONE STOP SHOP for all things Fab in South Florida.

Follow her @JewelFigueras




Andrea Nugent
Founder of Bionic Girls, Inc. and Author of Mommy is Still Mommy – this 3 time Cancer survivor is truly amazing company to be among. Check out her interview on WSVN7 earlier this month! Read more about Andrea’s Story here.

Follow her @AndreaNugent




Adriana Carrera

This writer, editor and Mom is the Founder and editor of, an awesome website for Hispanic’s living in Broward County!

Follow her @AdriCarrera




Rhett Thompson

Rhett Thompson was raised in a Black working class neighborhood in Akron Ohio, and spent her early adult years in rural Pennsylvania and New York City. These experiences, coated with Midwest sensibility and big city bravado, formulate her unique trove of personal stories that she brings to the spotlight as a stand up comic, writer, and actor. <— I couldn’t BY ANY MEANS write a better brief bio about someone so I borrowed it from her awesome website:

Follow her @RhettThompson

Pretty cool right? Im stoked to be grouped among such fun women! For a full list of all the Miramar Stars, and more information Click Here:—–> SocialInfluencerPressRelease

Stay tuned – it’s about to get classy up in this piece.