Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was UHMAZING. Alex is at such a fun age – she’s curious, talkative and incredibly social. It was nice to spend the day with our families and eats lots of deliciousnesss….


At her Grandpa’s house – there are LOTS of other kids, all of whom are much older than Alexandria. Grandpa and family brought out some chalk for all the kids to play with together – and Alexandria had a blast. Mostly because her Memaw, my 81 year old Grandmother, decided she was going to get down and dirty with her.Β 2Thanksgiving2012


My Aunt, who just happens to live next door to my Pops, is world reknown for her amazing Christmas Decorations. In retrospect, I wish I would’ve documented what her house looks like – but don’t worry, next year it’ll happen.

Regardless, Chech was OBSESSED with the Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol station.








My Memaw is pretty cool, don’t ya think? πŸ™‚



Three weeks down – Forever to go?

I did it. I’ve made it through three weeks of having a Full Time Job, in the career field I love, juggling my Photography Business at night, enjoying every second of it.

Let’s face it – I’m pretty awesome. Every morning my alarm goes off and


literally roll out of bed. I’ve discovered this makes me wake up because if I don’t plop my feet down quick enough to catch the weight of my body I will fall on my face. Falling on your face at 5:45am is not an option. πŸ™‚ After I somehow manage to put together a coordinating outfit for the Chech and myself, pack everything up into two strategically organized bags it’s time to put on the big girl panties and go to war. By war, I mean morning traffic from Downtown Fort Lauderdale, to Miami Gardens, to Downtown Miami.

After I’ve made it to work after that adventure I’m wide awake and ready to tackle the responsibilities of my day.

And oh man do I love my day! Writing is fun, being creative is my favorite, and at the end of the day it’s nice to be back in an organization where your work really makes a difference in someones life. For those of you who missed the last post about my new job – I am the Communications Manager for Voices For Children Foundation. This organization rocks. My coworkers quote my favorite movies, my bosses are hilarious and everyone sits down at lunch time together. Most of the time I’m boring them all to death talking about Alexandria, but they’re cool and pretend they’re interested. πŸ™‚

So, I found myself thinking of it today like “Three Weeks Down”. I couldn’t believe that it’s been three weeks already, but I phrased it as if I was counting down to something. I’ve worked really hard the last three weeks to prove my capabilities, get into a morning flow that worked for Alexandria and I, maneuvered traffic like an Air Force jet pilot to find the best route and used the last three weeks as a buffer period to figure it all out again. But saying “Three weeks down” was looking at it like there was an “end” to my routine. It was then, sitting at the on-ramp to I-95 from the 826, that I realized that this is my new life.

Nothing in life is easy. Nothing great in life comes without hard work. Some women pride themselves in being an amazing stay-at-home mom, some women enjoy the hustle and bustle of career life, some women have trust funds and maids and chauffeurs and cooks, and some women barely have a place to call home. What I’m trying to get at, is every mother has a responsibility to be the best mother they can be, in whatever circumstance fits their family. Circumstances may be different, but being a Mom is hard work no matter what your “job title” is.

I’ll admit the last year, as amazing as it was spending time with Alexandria, was full of a lot of stress. If I wasn’t working hard trying to establish myself as a photographer, I was freaking out about Alexandria having some kind of illness or at Bonefish Grill swearing I was going to vomit if I saw ONE more mountain Bang Shrimp. I’m beyond excited to put the old Amart behind me and move forward.

So with that, I say bring on the challenges of the future. Three weeks down, Forever to go.

I love my career, I love photography, I love knowing that I’m using my brains to help someone and I love knowing that it will only get better from here.








Check out this cool little infographic I found about being a Working Mom, from the blog The Ladders:

Fun Stuff for Toddlers: Young at Art Children’s Museum, Broward County

Scenario: It’s raining, theres probably a flash of lightning off in the distance… and if you have DirecTV chances are your cable just went out. You need to escape your house.

Solution: Hop in the car, dodge the idiots that forget how to drive

in the rain and make your way over to the Young at Art Children’s Museum. It’s only $13 for adults to enter, and $12 for kids over 1! After popcorn, candy & drinks its cheaper, and waaaaaay more fun than a movie.

Sunday was my birthday & we had a fabulous day at the beach planned with the family. I was soooooo excited – only to wake up to a dreary yucky day more fit for foggy Londontown than sunny South Florida. So, Museum Day it was and for the first time ever I was happy it was raining. We had such a good time. Of course, I documented the whole thing with my iPhone, so blurry pix are in your future.

First up – outside are these GIGANTIC letters, naturally I needed a shot in front of them. I love this little Chech.


Once we got inside, we lost track of time and became completely consumed by the exhibits and fun interactive toys. They even have a special room just for children under 5 years old – read no obnoxious discipline deprived children knocking over my toddler without regard or remorse. Wow, when did I become THAT Mom. lol Either way –

Alexandria’s favorite? Of course, the Agua!












This was honestly one of the most interesting parts of the museum. Think, waterfall designed to be an interactive toy that can be altered by installing panels to re-direct the flow of the water. Some of the older kids were mesmerized by how placing a panel made a water powered Ferris Wheel rotate, while my boo decided it was “Splashy Splashy” time. Note: Munchkins can even splash with raincoats on if you’re worried about them getting all wet. After Chech was thoroughly drenched from the waist up, we decided it was probably time to move on.

Next up – the mirror Triangle. The Chech could not stop laughing at her reflection all over the place, and the silly mommy couldn’t keep the iPhone straight enough to get a clear shot of her laughing.

After some fun in the mirror triangle, we let the Chech rest her tired little legs and we rolled on over to the bigger kids room. On the way, we stopped in the “ArtScape” some really cool Back to the Future car with Neon Lights. Chech wasn’t into it, but this little girl was all about dancing to the beat of the strobe lights. I see very long nights in her future…. I digress.


After we left After Hours at Space – errr the “Art Scape”, we rolled right into a room classically decorated to imitate an old Renaissance themed Art Gallery. Showcased on the walls are AMAZING pieces by kids ranging from Age 2 – 16; Collages and paintings adorned the wall while little creativity stations dot the middle space. This makes me excited for when Alex is a little older – drawing sessions like woah!

So on one wall is a giant dry erase board type deal with puzzle pieces of famous works of art. Clingy puzzle pieces stick easily and are a blast for kids to put together; well in this case for mom to show Chech how to do it. πŸ™‚

After we got tired of Alex ripping down the Clingy puzzle pieces, we stumbled upon a fun wooden block room for bigger kids. I could venture to say teaching Alex how to roll cars down the ramps and shift gears was Javy’s favorite part. πŸ™‚

Alex seriously had a blast playing with her Papi. Rolling the cars down the ramp, putting in the “People”, saying Vrooooooooom – she was too funny.

Here are some more fun shots from the Bigger kids room. Watching her curiously explore very twist and turn of the hallways was hilarious.

Bongo Drums fill a mini tiki hut in the back corner; When she saw these she RAN over to them with her cute little wobbly drunk person walk and looked back at us like, ‘IS IT CHRISTMAS?!’ Then, around the corner is a Stomp inspired fun room with all sorts of regular items that make noise – those white things hanging from the doorway are actually empty water jugs. Alex soon discovered what a cool noise they make.

This was honestly the most amazing birthday a 27 year old could ask for. We had Mommy & Papi fun with our friends on Saturday night to ring in midnight, slept in a bit to recharge for a fun day with the Chech. Watching her explore the twists and turns of something she’d never seen before was an amazing experience as a Mommy, and I will be returning lots and lots to this fun little (actually gigantic) Children’s Museum quite often!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Kairos. <3

I’m a terrible blogger – let’s catch up.

Oh helloooo there my Collecting Kairos friends! What a terrible blogger I’ve been the last few weeks. No excuses, no reason, just nothing really to share I guess?

Sike. lol

Sooooo much going on, and soooooo much to share. So let’s start from t

he beginning, eh?

My daughter is One year old!!!


Holy Crap has the time zoomed right on by. I enjoyed my Chech as a leeto baby, but right now this is the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. She copies EVERYTHING I say. She juuuuust started walking and wobbles around like a little drunk person. She is my absolute everything and we had an awesome birthday celebration with her. πŸ™‚

Next on the list – Amarticus Photography is doing big things! Just finished rebranding alllll my stuff. {Check it out} had the most views EVER to the blog a few weeks ago and have had more inquiries than ever before! This is a huge deal since I’ve worked vigorously to get to this point – now to keep the ball going and build on the momentum!


Finally – Amart’s got a new job!

I am seriously the luckiest Mommy in the world to have been able to spend the last year at home with my little Chech. I worked at Bonefish Grill a couple nights a week, tried really hard to hustle my graphic design skills and fine tuned my photography skills to build a fun business, but thanks to my amazing man I was lucky enough to be home with her.

Sooooo, after months of interviews, offers that weren’t good enough and endless nights slaving away at Bonefish Grill, I’ve finally landed an opportunity to build my career experience and really make a difference here in Miami… I am the new Communication’s Manager for the Voices for Children Foundation. The V4C Foundation raises funds to ensure that every abused and neglected child in Miami-Dade County has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and that financial assistance and other resources are available for their accompanying health, educational, and social needs. Today is my first day and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Great Cause, Awesome Organization = Fantastic Career Move. P.S. are we connected on Linked In? Come be one of my connections if we aren’t! πŸ™‚

Well, I guess that’s a good starting place. As of yesterday, I am 27 years old. I feel like standing on top of this building and screaming “Let the new adventure begin!!”

I’m such a cheezeball.

Papi’s first Father’s Day

We had so much fun celebrating Kike’s first Father’s Day – food, beach & amazing memories with the silly little munchkin. She is OBSESSED with the water. Agua was definitely her first word, and the second she sees the ocean she screams and points, AGUA AGUA AGUA!


I REFUSE to bring my camera to the beach – the thought of it being covered by sand, drenched in salt water or stolen Β on Fort Lauderdale Beach gives me nightmares. So, I bring my iphone safely protected in it’s comfy little otter box, and do my best to catch some shots.

Here’s a peek into our very fun-filled First Father’s Day.

This is my Kairos. <3

Just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean my “Life is Over”

Being a mom is tough, damn right. But to say that my life is over because I am one is total Bullshit.


s right. I call Bullshit. Becoming a mom does NOT mean I’ve lost all my freedom or given up on all of my hopes and dreams. Instead I get to add something I never knew I needed to my list of things I hope to accomplish – my new #1 is Being a Good Mom.

Yea, it’s a crap load of work. Absolutely, my life is now dedicated to my scrumptious little munchkin. You better believe she comes first. But to say that this is at all something NEGATIVE in my life is complete, and total bullshit.

I am still a 27 year old aspiring creativeprenuer who loves Photography, Art & all things bright and colorful.

I am still a die hard Florida Gator.

I am still Kike’s best friend.

I am still working hard to tame my unorganized tendencies & get a grasp on my issues with procrastination.

I still want to travel the world.

I still have the two year itch to press restart on my life and take risks.

I still cannot keep shoes clean.

I still enjoy REAL hip-hop.

I will always love spending time with my friends and talking shit.

I will never be satisfied with mediocrity.

I will NEVER give up my hopes and dreams. I will ALWAYS include the two loves of my life in all of them.

I am a mom.

I am still me.