Alexandria’s Birthday Celebration(s)

So what Three year old get’s a WHOLE ENTIRE week of activities to celebrate her birthday? My three year old of course. Born on July 1, 2011 at 1:17am, this little munchkin came in with a big bang so it’s only right she celebrates for a whole week, right? When we were younger, Papi would celebrate his birthday for an ENTIRE MONTH. His birthday is October 24 – boom Midnight October 1: Happy Birthday, Javy celebration Day 1! Again… Making my case that she is a clone of her Papi.

So our morning began with a wonderful field trip to the Miami Seaquarium.

She laughed with excitement. She awwwed with wonder. She stared with curiosity. Before anyone says anything negative about supporting the Miami Seaquarium – just look at this kids face. Instead of focusing on the obvious negative aspects of a place like the Seaquarium, let’s talk about the positive. The learning experience was wonderful for her – and she had a great time.




She had an amazing time – learning about all the different marine animals and exploring the different types of habitats.

We also had a super fun birthday party on July 4th, combined with a Colombia v. Brazil watch party.













We’re beyond grateful for our friends & family that make our lives so much sweeter… We’re the luckiest little family in the world. 🙂

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