Happy Sisters

They make each other so happy. It’s enigmatic, irreplaceable. It’s fill your whole house with smiles and warmth and giggles, and the kind of melt your frozen heart love. Their personalities couldn’t be any more different – but they¬†are perfectly matching puzzle pieces. Alexandria was BORN to be a big sister.. we just didn’t know it yet.

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I can’t wait to watch them grow up into what they’re going to be.


I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day.

This life is chaos. My family is a beautiful, traveling circus – perfectly combining entertainment, excitement and suspense all in one ball of energy. Will the tightrope walker make it across the line? Of course – she’s a professional. Will I make it through the week? Of course – because I have no other option. And I’m also a professional Mom.

And what makes a circus even more interesting? Really awesome animals. Elephants. Lions. Tigers. Rare, giant creatures, fascinating to look at – who’ve learned impressive tricks. That’s pretty much what my kids are, just sans the giant part. Fascinating creatures, who’ve learned tricks like saying “Thank You”, or who can sit up in a high chair and smile at people.

So today, while this nasty cold front moves through, and the clouds steal my sunshine…. I’ve got these two wonderful beings to brighten our home. <3