Fun [and cheap] Toddler Craft

Two words. Too Big. Too Quick.


I cannot believe this little girl in these photos is my baby… Nowadays it’s less “busy” activities and more learning opportunities. This kid is a sponge. Put something a little TINY bit unfamiliar to her in the room, and Mrs. Curiosity is off to explore it. So when I stopped at Joann Fabrics last week to pick up some Prop Materials for a Photoshoot, a giant Birdhouse Sale display caught her eye.
“Queen Mom,” exclaimed my Chech, “We need that little house. My princesses can live in there”.

I was so confused. A) What made her think her barbie sized princesses would fit in there. And B) SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT A BIRDHOUSE WAS?! I needed to fix this STAT.

So, I tried to explain how birds LIVE inside the birdhouse. With no success.

“I don’t see any birdies, Mommy. Where are they?” she’d ask. I’d try my best to explain you have to hang it in a tree, and put some birdseed, and then hope a bird family finds it… but she couldn’t grasp it. So. I bought the birdhouse.

I figured I’d get a little crazy, since I had a coupon, and let Alex pick out some paints and embellishments to make the birdhouse “her own”. She wandered down the aisle, closely analyzing the rainbow of paint at her eye level – and carefully chose three perfect colors. “Red, Pink and Purple Pink.” Then we needed to add Sparkles. Yes. Sparkles. On a Birdhouse.

Here’s what we left with:CheapBirdhouseCraft

If you’re not already on the Joann Fabrics “coupon list” – join it. So worth it. $14ish is still a lot for a Toddler Craft – BUT the only thing here that ISN’T reusable is the Birdhouse itself… so I’ll chalk it up as a win for future endeavors.

After a few YouTube Videos of baby birdies in a birdhouse, and a thorough explanation of how the Birdies would find the Birdseed “Papa”… we started our masterpiece. A Princess “inspired” birdhouse. For Princess Birdies. Who want Papa. Papa being Food.

2CheapBirdhouseCraft 4CheapBirdhouseCraft

The Face of PURE concentration. And enjoyment?



We waited a little to let the BLOBS of paint on the Birdhouse dry… and by “waited a little” I mean Alexandria took a 3 hour nap. SIDENOTE: This is now officially our “craft” table…  😐

When she awoke, she heard some birdies singing and EXCITEDLY jumped out of bed to go check her birdhouse. But nothing was there. And secretly, I was a little relieved there were no birds there. The paint fumes would’ve probably knocked them out. For sure we would’ve known because they’d still be stuck to the paint globbed house, like a mosquito in that old man’s ring from Jurassic Park.

“Irregardless…” I think you can tell from this one she’s having a little fun getting ready to add the ‘Sparkles’. 🙂
7CheapBirdhouseCraft 8CheapBirdhouseCraft 9CheapBirdhouseCraft 10CheapBirdhouseCraft

And then – the final product. I may or may not have helped put the scallops on the roof… ::brushes shoulders off::


The bird count is still…. Zero. I’ve seen ZERO birds in, and or around that blinged out birdhouse. But every time we hear a bird sing from her bedroom, she gets excited that a Birdie Family is eating Papa in their princess Casa.

So…. Tomato, Tomahto.

We made the house FLY!

If you can look at me with a straight face and tell me YOU’VE NEVER CRIED during the Disney Movie UP, then you either have no soul, or well… you have no soul.

I got sucked into this Depressionville one random Saturday, thinking Chech would love the amazing animation & vivid colors. Little did I know, she’d get bored halfway through and I’d be stuck sitting there by myself, crying my eyes out, cheering on this little old man and his big giant heart.

After the movie was over and I used an entire box of tissues, I figured we could do something together to make the movie a little more enjoyable for her. So, we made a house fly! Using a piece of cardstock, a little creative cutting & stapling, leftover helium from her Birthday in July and voila!


p.s. Please ignore the messy hair. I live for the day she has more than 3 strands and I can actually do something with it.

UpHouse01 uphouse4 uphouse7 uphouse6 UpHouse1 uphouse5 uphouse3 uphouse2

I’m a Bridesmaid!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Super exciting right? My good old Melgar the Barbarian is getting maarrrrieeedddd and I am more than honored to be a part of her special day. Not to mention her bridal party is preeeetttyyyy kickass and I can’t wait to spend time with everyone!

So in typical thoughtful, amazing Melissa fashion, she put together these beautiful “Bridesmaid Gifts” for us all to be formally invited to join the Bridal Party.

Seriously how freaking ADORABLE IS THIS?!

Alex and I had just gotten home when she stopped by, so I let her sit in my lap to help me open the present from “Messeessa”. Check out some more photos of the BEAUTIFUL little handmade gift below!

2bridesmaidgiftidea Check out my initials on the corktop! And see that wire LOVE there wrapped in the ribbon? It’s a super gorgeous ring!

Then, the details – Melissa stamped each letter to spell out our names, and the message asking us to be her bridesmaids!

3bridesmaidgiftidea 4bridesmaidgiftidea

Again – I’m obsessed with this wire love ring. Check it out here, on Etsy! 




I am so honored to be a part of your special day. There is no greater feeling in this world than falling in love with your best friend and I can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle in your incredible gown, with your incredible smile all the way down to your incredible new husband. 🙂 Love you!!!!!