I used to be cool.

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She was young, smart, ambitious – boy was she ambitious. With dreams of becoming “something” – but the inability to really stay focused on one thing. See, this girl suffered from “the itch”. Every 2 years, like clockwork, she would be driven into this state of panic – longing to be free from the locked down, responsibility filled life of growing up. Itching to escape. Itching to breathe. Itching to run. until BOOM. as quickly as she dove into her passion field existence, she’d explode through the barriers and move on. Free and clear.

Soon this girl grew tired of the instability, tired of the insanity – and found someone who shared her carefree attitude. Someone to run free with. Someone to escape to. Someone who – unknowingly to her – would make her wildest dreams come true.


And boy have they come true. See, because dreams aren’t necessarily a stagnant existence. I can say I want to be “here” – and get there – but then just like that it’s gone. Realizing a dream isn’t just about reaching a goal – it’s about the challenges and obstacles you face while getting there. THE JOURNEY. It’s not about escaping anymore, it’s not about running away – it’s about moving forward. Taking steps together.


I used to be “cool”. I used to need things, and people, and tangible items to reassure me that I was doing it right. 

I dreamed of becoming “something” – and I’ve done it. I’ve become a Mom, and although there are times when I sit in my unswept floor, staring at my dog hair covered, baby food stained yoga pants, and wonder what the hell I’m doing here…. 



But this is the truest a dream could ever become.

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