Happy 4th Birthday, Alexandria!

Once Upon a Time…

… we got to spend time with amazing friends, who mean the world to us.

Disney2015-8085 Disney2015-8066

… they made my girl feel extra special on her 4th birthday.DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-8162 Disney2015-8199 Disney2015-8213 Disney2015-8217

… we became Disney Annual Passholders.
Disney2015-8233 2_DisneyTripTheChech2015 3_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-8246

… Milena decided she’s not interested in any kind of photos.

Disney2015-8337 Disney2015-8352

… Chech made some new best friends.


Disney2015-8384 Disney2015-8396

Disney2015-8517 5_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-8522

… I got to enjoy my kiddos.

7_DisneyTripTheChech2015 6_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-8632 Disney2015-8658 Disney2015-8669

… we tried to take the obligatory “Epcot” Ball photo.Disney2015-8722

… some kids got up close and personal with some undersea creatures.

Disney2015-8764 Disney2015-8767 8_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-8773 Disney2015-8784 Disney2015-8795 Disney2015-8812

… tailgating turned into drinking around the world.

Disney2015-8826 Disney2015-8834 9_DisneyTripTheChech2015

… we were the silliest, out of focusest couple around.

Disney2015-8846 Disney2015-8893

… Chech got to swing with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Disney2015-9040 Disney2015-9048 Disney2015-9094 Disney2015-9107

… and show us her attitude.

10_DisneyTripTheChech2015 11_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-9280 Disney2015-9377

… we curtsied & frolicked in England, in a village all to ourselves.

Disney2015-9383 12_DisneyTripTheChech2015 Disney2015-9412

… Milena enjoyed some shows.


… we ACTUALLY got a family photo!



… we cherished moments with friends who we care about.

Disney2015-9512 Disney2015-9520

… we had the best fourth birthday, ever.


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    1. Aww thanks so much for the sweet words!! I love this crazy family of ours something serious so it’s easy to shoot with them!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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