Happy October

It makes me so happy when Holiday “months” arrive – because that means fun outfits… and more photos to add to the Iglesias Family Yearbook that I’ve decided I’m making every year. I figure if I do it little by little every month, it makes it easier when it’s time to get it printed!

Today was a turning point in the Alexandria – Milena relationship building process. Alexandria ASKED if she could hold her baby sister. All on her own. She was SO EXCITED.

She gave her kisses, smelled her stinky feet and cuddled her cheek the way that she sees me do – she even tried to give her the pacifier back when she started crying. It was seriously the cutest 10 minutes of my life – and I’m excited to share the photos with you!


Halloween-Sisters0001 Halloween-Sisters0003 Halloween-Sisters0004 Halloween-Sisters0005 Halloween-Sisters0006 Halloween-Sisters0007 Halloween-Sisters0009 Halloween-Sisters0011 Halloween-Sisters0012 Halloween-Sisters0013 Halloween-Sisters0014