Grateful for the summer

I can’t believe in 8 days or less, we will have another princess in our lives to love and cherish. Another little life, depending on us, to guide her through this crazy world. Another delicious munchkin to cuddle, and kiss, and teach Alexandria how to love.

They say everything happens for a reason – idk who “they” are… But they’re absolutely right. This time last year I left an amazing job, traveling through exotic vacation destinations following my dreams of working in Social Media – to become a teacher. It was an amazing Gig… Venice, St. Maarten, Cozumel. Incredible Destinations – but I missed my little girl too, too much… So I took the leap back into teaching with the main reason being that I wanted to be there to spend more time with my baby girl – and have the time to focus on building my little photography business into a sustainable, full-time gig. It worked out perfect.

Fast forward 4 months and we found out we were expecting another little bundle of joy. Holy crap. Another one. Another uncomfortable pregnancy. Another newborn stage. I was TERRIFIED. But – being due in August – the summer off was a totally added perk that I was ecstatic to enjoy.

Looking back – It’s impossible to accurately explain how grateful I am I got this time with my baby girl before her little sister arrives. Every single second I spent with her this summer is a beautiful memory. Every single sleepy, smiley “Good Morning Mommy!” will echo through the halls. I will always be grateful for every imaginative story about a Princess, animal or character from a show

that I got to play a role in. My heart is full with squeaky little stories and moments with her, that all live in this summer.

This summer also taught me a lot about being alone. Maybe not necessarily physically, but definitely mentally. Anxiety is something I really struggle with – powerful enough to trick my body into thinking there was constantly something truly wrong with me, sending my body into blackout mode. Sweaty face. Dizzy spells. Spots in my eyes. Coming to terms with the fact that my brain was making this all up was both terrifying and liberating. What got me through? My Chech. Who knew her powerful, entertaining little personality would be the driving force to push me into more authentic self awareness. I needed to be ok – for her. She needed me in a way I never really understood, until this summer.

Aaaaaand boy… Have I loved this amazing summer.

Thank you my Chechies – for being my reason to smile.



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