As close to a Farm as we’re gonna get in South Florida

I’m all about experiences. I like to let Alex get dirty… and thats exactly what she did at the Bill Graham Farm Village at Amelia Earhart Park. The Goats are a little agressive, the giant pig stinks – but what else do you expect from a FARM in the middle of Hialeah?

First – we had a great time playing in the village; Mom got some good photo ops and Chech tried to jump into the water. Basically what happens every time we go anywhere.

1AmeliaEarhartFarm 2AmeliaEarhartFarm

Once Grandpa got there, we ventured into the animal pen to see the Goats, Cows & Piggies. >OINK<

Baby Cows were cool – Someone got a little excited that she touched one.




The Goats were also pretty awesome – but a tiny word of warning – they’re kinda mean. They jump and push and I don’t  THINK they really bite (but I was nervous they would, anyway)… So we passed on the cup of food – just in case. She’s still little, we have time for all that.

Instead, we admired them from afar.



7AmeliaEarhartFarmThe big pig, was really a freaking giant, stinky, lazy pig. But he was really sweet and entirely too busy eating to bother getting up at any point in the 20 minutes we were in the petting area. Alex was a little intimidated by him, she wouldn’t get too close – which I’m pretty happy about.



We had a really good time. Alex LOVES animals and loved chasing them around. She has such a careful curiosity that I’m incredibly grateful for.

We’ll go back when she’s a little older and able to defend herself against hungry goat attacks.


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