The Chech goes to Disney World – Round 2

There is no happiness, like the happiness you experiencing watching amazement in your child’s eyes. Maybe the day you give birth to them might be up there on the charts – but watching sheer joy EXUDE from your 2 year old is pretty darn satisfying.

We started our Disney World experience with breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. Chech was a huge fan of the breakfast – which included lots of tropical fruits, delicious pastries, and some scrambled eggs that “Minnie Mouse made in the Kitchen”. We got to dance in a parade with Mickey & Stitch, but Chech was a LITTLE apprehensive of Lilo and her giant head, lol

DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot1 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot2

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with two couples who are absolutely TREMENDOUS in Alexandria’s world. The second you say any of these people’s names, her eyes light up and she insists on going to wherever they are. On the left, is Fallon & Michael, and the right Uncle Beeny & Tia Nicole. We wouldn’t have had nearly NEARLY as much fun if we didn’t have these four with us, and we are forever grateful to have them in our lives! 🙂


Next stop, Magic Kingdom… where we BEE LINED (see what I did there, lol) straight for Ariel’s Grotto, where we only waited 35 minutes to meet Ariel, live and in person! Chech wasn’t quite sure how to react, and kept staring at her fins and her seashells – which was quite amusing to us.


We spent the remainder of the day at Magic Kingdom, and got to experience Belle’s Storytime  – an interactive “play” type experience where you get to pretend WITH Princess Belle! When the wonderful ride attendants asked for more Volunteers, my little Chech walked out and asked to play, too! So, she got to be the Silverware in the reenactment of Belle & Beast’s Love Story – or Hostage Situation, tomato tomahto. She had such a great time – and we had a great time the rest of the day watching her squeal with excitement.

DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot5 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot6 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot7 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot8 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot9 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot10 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot11 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot12 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot13 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot14 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot15 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot16
The next day was Epcot, where Operation meet Anna & Elsa first began. We got there around 10, hustled over to Norway, only to find a THREE HOUR WAIT staring us in the face. So, we decided to continue exploring Epcot and enjoying the beautiful Flower & Garden Festival that was taking place. Little known fact – Epcot now has PRINCESS MEET AND GREETS in multiple countries throughout Epcot! This totally makes this park a little more appealing to families with younger girls – we waited 5 minutes to meet Jasmine and 15 minutes to meet Aurora! Then, at the Character Spot, we met Mickey, Goofy & Minnie Mouse all within 25 minutes!

DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot17 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot18 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot19 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot20 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot21 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot22 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot23 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot24 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot25 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot26 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot27 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot28 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot29 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot30 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot31 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot32 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot33 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot34

First thing the next day, we hustled back to Epcot to try to get in line extra early for Anna & Elsa at the Norway Pavilion. We were there for rope drop, and were LUCKY enough to be let in 15 minutes early! As soon as the rope dropped, Javy bolted to the Norway Pavilion, where we only waited 40 minutes to meet Anna & Elsa. 🙂 Alexandria was SHOCKED to say the least, and enjoyed every second. 🙂
DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot35 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot36 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot37 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot38 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot39

Since we were in Epcot so early, Javy & some of our friends took the opportunity to go ride some of the fun “grown up rides”, and I hung out with my Chech. We visited a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly Garden, and spent the rest of the morning meeting characters – until it started to pour. DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot40 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot41 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot42 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot43 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot44 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot45 DisneyMagicKingdomEpcot46

I’m so sad that we won’t be going back for at least another year and a half – but after all the fun we had this trip I can’t believe that soon we’ll have ANOTHER little one to make these memories with. 🙂

Chech takes on Magic Kingdom, and rocks it.

I’m just going to come right out and admit that I have a serious Disney obsession, and there’s nothing anyone is going to do about it. When I was a Junior in High School, yes at 16 years old, I trapped Javy and a few friends of ours in my moving vehicle and serenaded them with my Disney Greatest Hits CD. Vince stole my CD and to THIS DAY, still owes me a new one…

Either way – one could imagine how exciting it was for me to be able to bring my daughter to Magic Kingdom. We spent ALL day there – only going back to the hotel for a few hours to take a nap… On the way back in the park Javy taught her how to chant “Party! Party! Party!”. Like Father, like Daughter… Here are some shots from our very special day – I cannot WAIT to go back.