Turning Negatives into Positive

I think we’ve all had those days… Where everything just gets under your skin to the point that it scratches your soul. And nothing goes the way it should. And you just want to climb onto your roof with your laptop, some ice cream and pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist – you know one of THOSE days.

Instead of dwelling on why I wanted to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich – I’d like to share with you what I do with that adrenaline and frustration.

I clean.

The absolute freaking OPPOSITE of what I want to do. I mean – if the day already sucks so bad and nothing is gonna fix it, might as well continue this trend of awful obligations and get some shit done around the house.

20130521-124515.jpgSo I finally organized, cleaned and unpacked all of the remaining boxes in Alexandria’s room. BOOM.

Armed with the Minnie headband I found in box #1, I took to the streets closet and got to work.

Idk about you, but there is nothing more frustrating than digging through a drawer full of baby clothes. You can try as HARD as you’d like to keep it neat – but the dream of a tidy clothes drawer is soon assassinated by the reality of life. The tiny t-shirt needed is ALWAYS at the bottom of the drawer ultimately resulting in the demise of said organization and the time spent folding it all was nothing but a chance for you to actually sit down for 30 minutes.

So – a couple of weeks ago I came across an awesome post on Pinterest with tips specifically for organizing kids drawers. Instead of stacking – lay the stack on its side so you can see everything from top to bottom! Seriously MIND BLOWN.

The result?




Alright so it’s not color coded, and perfectly lined up based on size and type like the article… But it’s WORLDS better than what it was, so I’ll put this one in the “win” column. I can now find the matching pajama top & bottom without requiring a Bachelors in Archeology and post shower dressing is more flowers and puppies and less World War III. On top of having all of Alexandria’s stuff organized – I got something accomplished that made my crappy day seem less ridiculous.

Not to mention the floors in my house are also spotless. 🙂


Do you have any fun “bad day” rituals? Share some with me – or just join me on the roof with some ice cream. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough preferred.

Calling all Working Moms: Are you Offended?

Let’s face it. In the technological world of today – it’s easy to find people you can relate to, and just as easy to find people that irk you to the core of your soul. Normally for me, it’s Black & White. Either I agree, or I don’t.But as a work

ing mom, this whole Marissa Mayer Fortune Magazine Cover Scandal has me a little confused about where I stand. Go ahead and click the link to catch up, I’ll wait… (CLIFFNOTES: Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo! graces the cover of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women” issue. Problem: She’s not pictured pregnant, which she was until Sunday September 30. Reason: She declined to be photographed.)

My first instinct was to turn up my nose and write this chick off. How is she so caught up in her “position” and so busy on her high horse that she refused to appear on the cover of this special issue HONORING her??? Or is it that she’s embarrassed that she’s pregnant? If you’re pregnant show it off – Fuck the world!! Right? That’s what we all do and say right? Ehh, maybe not. If I were newly named the 14th Most Powerful Woman in Business, and I just so happened to be 9 months pregnant, what would I do?

Realistically, you better believe I didn’t wanna be photographed when I was 9 Months pregnant. Especially not to be plastered all over the internet for people to gawk at. Aside from being an emotional mess raving bitch while pregnant, I just really didn’t feel like myself. I mean, what’s more draining & time consuming that literally CREATING A HUMAN BEING. I imagine being the CEO of a global corporation could be pretty damn time consuming as well, don’t you think?

Which leads me to my next point. Here is a lady, who has worked extremely hard in her life to have earned the nod as one of the most powerful women in business. Someone who has obviously put her career first for most of her life, is being immortalized and recognized for her achievements on the COVER of a special section of FORTUNE MAGAZINE. You’d want to look as fabulous as ever, no? Some argue being pregnant does make you look fabulous. I know people who say pregnancy is a beautiful thing that should be embraced with open arms and flowers and rainbows and carebears and hugs and shit. This is all fine and dandy for you lucky girls, but for some of us this just isn’t reality. Suddenly you question every bit of confidence you’ve ever had. You second guess every decision you make. You worry about EVERYTHING. So explain to me why the HELL the youngest, most powerful woman in Business would want ANYONE in the world to see her like this?


Let’s Say Marissa Mayer did pose pregnant. Instead of “Mommy Blogs” discussing how she was “Dissing Mommyhood” – business blogs would be talking about whether or not it was the right move for her career. Yes it would’ve been a nice gesture for working Mom’s everywhere. Yes, it might’ve even won her some brownie points with Moms around the world, but she would no longer be Marissa Mayer, google exec turned Yahoo! CEO. No matter how powerful, cut throat or genius you are – you will always be the lady who appeared pregnant on the cover of Fortune. You’re always the lady with the baby. The lady who’s so tired, exhausted, miserable & hormonal because well, fuck, she’s carrying around another person INSIDE OF HER.

I’d be a damn liar if I didn’t say I was guilty of thinking like this myself! When I was pregnant with Alex, I hid it from everyone at work for almost 4 months. A lot of people around me would ask me why and tell me that times have changed and people are way more accepting nowadays of working women with families. Truth was – it was total bullshit. When I came back from Maternity Leave – all my assignments changed to much less exciting projects. I got “accidentally” left off e-mails about work events after hours. I eventually quit because I felt like I wasn’t being given a fair chance to prove my capabilities. Might’ve all been in my head – probably wasn’t – but it definitely changed the way I related my career with my family. Put it this way – when it was time for me to go on job interviews to restart my career, I didn’t mention my daughter. I didn’t want anyone to think she would get in the way of my career.

It’s a sad thing when women are nervous about sharing their motherhood with the world. It’s a damn shame that women have to hide the fact that their pregnant. It’s a fucking TRAGEDY that women have to “work from home” during their Maternity Leave (as Marissa Mayer says she will).

So yes – it’s a huge opportunity missed. A TREMENDOUS opportunity missed to start changing that “stigma” associated with being a working mom. I am a BETTER employee because I multi-task. I am a BETTER employee because I now have a family to provide for. I may not be IN THE OFFICE every once in a while because my kid is sick, but you better believe I will make sure my responsibilities are taken care of. Whether that means bring work home, stay up late, wake up early – I will never let having a career get in the way of me BEING A MOM.

It WILL start to change. Someone will take those opportunities and capitalize on their powerful positions – eventually. Let’s just hope its before my daughter grows up and has to deal with the same issues.


So – are you offended that homegirl didn’t pose pregnant for the Fortune Magazine special section cover? Would you have done it? I wanna know your thoughts. Please share. I know I wouldn’t have.

Three weeks down – Forever to go?

I did it. I’ve made it through three weeks of having a Full Time Job, in the career field I love, juggling my Photography Business at night, enjoying every second of it.

Let’s face it – I’m pretty awesome. Every morning my alarm goes off and


literally roll out of bed. I’ve discovered this makes me wake up because if I don’t plop my feet down quick enough to catch the weight of my body I will fall on my face. Falling on your face at 5:45am is not an option. 🙂 After I somehow manage to put together a coordinating outfit for the Chech and myself, pack everything up into two strategically organized bags it’s time to put on the big girl panties and go to war. By war, I mean morning traffic from Downtown Fort Lauderdale, to Miami Gardens, to Downtown Miami.

After I’ve made it to work after that adventure I’m wide awake and ready to tackle the responsibilities of my day.

And oh man do I love my day! Writing is fun, being creative is my favorite, and at the end of the day it’s nice to be back in an organization where your work really makes a difference in someones life. For those of you who missed the last post about my new job – I am the Communications Manager for Voices For Children Foundation. This organization rocks. My coworkers quote my favorite movies, my bosses are hilarious and everyone sits down at lunch time together. Most of the time I’m boring them all to death talking about Alexandria, but they’re cool and pretend they’re interested. 🙂

So, I found myself thinking of it today like “Three Weeks Down”. I couldn’t believe that it’s been three weeks already, but I phrased it as if I was counting down to something. I’ve worked really hard the last three weeks to prove my capabilities, get into a morning flow that worked for Alexandria and I, maneuvered traffic like an Air Force jet pilot to find the best route and used the last three weeks as a buffer period to figure it all out again. But saying “Three weeks down” was looking at it like there was an “end” to my routine. It was then, sitting at the on-ramp to I-95 from the 826, that I realized that this is my new life.

Nothing in life is easy. Nothing great in life comes without hard work. Some women pride themselves in being an amazing stay-at-home mom, some women enjoy the hustle and bustle of career life, some women have trust funds and maids and chauffeurs and cooks, and some women barely have a place to call home. What I’m trying to get at, is every mother has a responsibility to be the best mother they can be, in whatever circumstance fits their family. Circumstances may be different, but being a Mom is hard work no matter what your “job title” is.

I’ll admit the last year, as amazing as it was spending time with Alexandria, was full of a lot of stress. If I wasn’t working hard trying to establish myself as a photographer, I was freaking out about Alexandria having some kind of illness or at Bonefish Grill swearing I was going to vomit if I saw ONE more mountain Bang Shrimp. I’m beyond excited to put the old Amart behind me and move forward.

So with that, I say bring on the challenges of the future. Three weeks down, Forever to go.

I love my career, I love photography, I love knowing that I’m using my brains to help someone and I love knowing that it will only get better from here.








Check out this cool little infographic I found about being a Working Mom, from the blog The Ladders: