Fun Stuff for Toddlers: Young at Art Children’s Museum, Broward County

Scenario: It’s raining, theres probably a flash of lightning off in the distance… and if you have DirecTV chances are your cable just went out. You need to escape your house.

Solution: Hop in the car, dodge the idiots that forget how to drive

in the rain and make your way over to the Young at Art Children’s Museum. It’s only $13 for adults to enter, and $12 for kids over 1! After popcorn, candy & drinks its cheaper, and waaaaaay more fun than a movie.

Sunday was my birthday & we had a fabulous day at the beach planned with the family. I was soooooo excited – only to wake up to a dreary yucky day more fit for foggy Londontown than sunny South Florida. So, Museum Day it was and for the first time ever I was happy it was raining. We had such a good time. Of course, I documented the whole thing with my iPhone, so blurry pix are in your future.

First up – outside are these GIGANTIC letters, naturally I needed a shot in front of them. I love this little Chech.


Once we got inside, we lost track of time and became completely consumed by the exhibits and fun interactive toys. They even have a special room just for children under 5 years old – read no obnoxious discipline deprived children knocking over my toddler without regard or remorse. Wow, when did I become THAT Mom. lol Either way –

Alexandria’s favorite? Of course, the Agua!












This was honestly one of the most interesting parts of the museum. Think, waterfall designed to be an interactive toy that can be altered by installing panels to re-direct the flow of the water. Some of the older kids were mesmerized by how placing a panel made a water powered Ferris Wheel rotate, while my boo decided it was “Splashy Splashy” time. Note: Munchkins can even splash with raincoats on if you’re worried about them getting all wet. After Chech was thoroughly drenched from the waist up, we decided it was probably time to move on.

Next up – the mirror Triangle. The Chech could not stop laughing at her reflection all over the place, and the silly mommy couldn’t keep the iPhone straight enough to get a clear shot of her laughing.

After some fun in the mirror triangle, we let the Chech rest her tired little legs and we rolled on over to the bigger kids room. On the way, we stopped in the “ArtScape” some really cool Back to the Future car with Neon Lights. Chech wasn’t into it, but this little girl was all about dancing to the beat of the strobe lights. I see very long nights in her future…. I digress.


After we left After Hours at Space – errr the “Art Scape”, we rolled right into a room classically decorated to imitate an old Renaissance themed Art Gallery. Showcased on the walls are AMAZING pieces by kids ranging from Age 2 – 16; Collages and paintings adorned the wall while little creativity stations dot the middle space. This makes me excited for when Alex is a little older – drawing sessions like woah!

So on one wall is a giant dry erase board type deal with puzzle pieces of famous works of art. Clingy puzzle pieces stick easily and are a blast for kids to put together; well in this case for mom to show Chech how to do it. 🙂

After we got tired of Alex ripping down the Clingy puzzle pieces, we stumbled upon a fun wooden block room for bigger kids. I could venture to say teaching Alex how to roll cars down the ramps and shift gears was Javy’s favorite part. 🙂

Alex seriously had a blast playing with her Papi. Rolling the cars down the ramp, putting in the “People”, saying Vrooooooooom – she was too funny.

Here are some more fun shots from the Bigger kids room. Watching her curiously explore very twist and turn of the hallways was hilarious.

Bongo Drums fill a mini tiki hut in the back corner; When she saw these she RAN over to them with her cute little wobbly drunk person walk and looked back at us like, ‘IS IT CHRISTMAS?!’ Then, around the corner is a Stomp inspired fun room with all sorts of regular items that make noise – those white things hanging from the doorway are actually empty water jugs. Alex soon discovered what a cool noise they make.

This was honestly the most amazing birthday a 27 year old could ask for. We had Mommy & Papi fun with our friends on Saturday night to ring in midnight, slept in a bit to recharge for a fun day with the Chech. Watching her explore the twists and turns of something she’d never seen before was an amazing experience as a Mommy, and I will be returning lots and lots to this fun little (actually gigantic) Children’s Museum quite often!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Kairos. <3

Creatively Indecisive!


We’re moving. Again.

I went to 14 schools growing up. 4 of them in just 4th grade. The first thing Javy and I agreed on was that we were gonna do our very best to provide stability for our children, so “they” would have a home, a hometown and a place to say they were from.

Almost a year down as parents, and that hasn’t really been the case. Life happens, things happen and we’ve moved twice since she was born. aaaaaaaand we move this weekend, making that three times since she was born. BUT. This time it will be for a while.

Last time my little boo had her own room, we got bored one night, literally at 8pm… I was 8 months pregnant, totally sleep deprived, and we were bored. With a quick trip to Micheals, this is what we created:

So my little Chechalicious is going to have her very own room again. This time, I’m thinking it’s going to take a little more planning. With her First Birthday in July (which is a WHOLE OTHER CAN OF CREATIVE WORMS), she’s starting to really develop an understanding of her surroundings and becoming an interactive little squirt. SO, I feel like this needs to be MORE than just a tree. Not to mention, that the room Chech is gonna have is supposed to be a “Den”, there are no windows and the room is oddly shaped, it needs some sprucing up!!! There are so many awesome options & naturally, I’m incredibly indecisive about what we’re going to do!

Disclaimer: Javy, if you’re reading this… I love you, please don’t have a heart attack. I need you to paint the leaves. 😉

I’ve gotta figure out how to make this Enchanted Forest bedroom work… Here’s an image I found just searching for an “enchanted forest” idea…

Every little girl deserves to be a princess! So why not create a princess bedroom? Here’s the catch: HOW DO I CREATE A PRINCESS ROOM WITHOUT IT BEING COMPLETELY PINK AND CHEESY!? Answer? Enchanted Forest!

An enchanted forest is magical, relaxing and most of all, full of all kinds of cute woodland creatures – and I have some kind of unholy obsession with Owls, for no reason whatsoever. Pretty Owls are found in enchanted forests, no? How amazing is this enchanted room?

Now this is a pretty intricate & detailed and intense enchanted forest. So there are some other options for making it more simple…

This is a wall decal set, only $40.  Owls (check). Woodland Creatures (check). Tree (check). Colors other than Pink (check). Even better, they’re vinyl decals meaning no crazy painting when its time for us to leave.

I’m sure Javy is saying YES PICK THIS ONE. lol 


We’ll see what happens… I’ll be moving this weekend so I’ll keep you all updated!