Our perfect Easter Sunday

It was the first Sunday in a LONG time that the both of us had absolutely NOTHING planned. No photoshoots, no house hunting appointments, absolutely nothing on our calendars. So we decided to hop in the car and take a little drive down to Islamorada for a fun-filled family Sunday.

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And then we got to sit down to an AMAZING dinner, with a BEAUTIFUL sunset. 🙂 Next time you’re in Islamorada, make sure you check out Morada Bay Cafe.  This is definitely my new happy place.


9FloridaKeysEasterMoradaBayCafe 10FloridaKeysEasterMoradaBayCafe 11FloridaKeysEasterMoradaBayCafe


Inspired for more shooting everyday

There’s been a LOT of talk lately in the photography community about “Lifestyle” Photography – the art of capturing subjects in the essence of their being (thanks for that line Matisyahu). No props, no setups, nothing special – except their existence in itself.

A friend of mine sent me this amazing blog post by Elaine Palladino Photography titled “Why Photography Matters” – and something in it just hit home. A brief description of a photograph she took of her grandmother at her sewing machine – and the realization afterwards that this was the last time she’d ever sit in that chair.

“The fact remains that people die. And they get old and move away and families only come together a few times a year. Pictures, in the end, are all we have left along with a few scattered memories. Those, memories, however, are traitors. They betray us and before long even the strongest of memories fade. I still cling to those moments I had with her, still try to remember the sound of her laughter or the way her hand felt in mine. With every day that passes, those memories fade a little more. But when I see a picture of her smiling, I can almost hear the echo of her laugh in the room.”

The truth is, we really never know when our final day will occur. Something in the beautifully written paragraph from her post above really touched me and inspired me to start shooting my own family a little more. I want to capture what every day in my crazy house is like… the messy faces after dinner, the pure excitement on my Chech’s face when we walk to the Park, even the angry crying faces when we refuse to watch Rio for the 100th time… I want Alexandria to be able to remember it all. Maybe not as a crystal clear memory in her brain – because that’s just darn right impossible – but through this blog. And through the numerous albums she’ll have of her life growing up with us as her crazy parents. I know her memories will betray her – so this blog is my gift to her. A peek into a part of her life she won’t remember, into our family’s life, and proof of our monumental and never ending love & enthusiasm for HER existence.

So I give you… Bathtime.

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6BathtimePhotographyChech 7BathtimePhotographyChech



Balance Schmalance.

I realized today how long its been since I’ve posted – I also realized today how quickly time is passing. Time is the most precious thing on this planet – you can’t control it, it fixes a lot of problems and exacerbates others. Time is a fucking crazy concept. ::cue the philosophy rant::

Either way… in reality, this is why I really started this blog in the first place. To capture all of the moments in my life – and in the other Kairos girls’ lives – to look back and remember how we lived and the kinds of mommies we were [are], and vent out all those frustrations and accomplishments.

Today, I come to my blog with frustration.

Being a mommy is a full time job in itself – something I don’t need to explain to any of you. But what I am struggling with is figuring out my place in the “real world”. After leaving my job as a Fundraiser with Florida International University, I embarked on a journey to explore my creativity & started a small media consulting business… I could set my own hours, figure out my schedule as I needed to with Alex and still keep doing what I love – to be creative.

and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

But the last 9 months haven’t been a walk in the park because, see, when you have a little person THEY become your priority. Not the amazing networking event tomorow, not the potential client’s phone call you haven’t returned, not the e-mail blast to previous clients you’ve been writing – all that is small potatoes. Your priority is your munchkin. Everything that needs to get done for them, gets done first.

To be honest, I’ve not enjoyed every second of this.

See, and if you know me, you know that I look at every scenario in  my life as an opportunity. A missed contract = something better coming down the road. A mistake made while working on a client’s project = a lesson learned to make my services better the next time.

There have been some super exciting accomplishments – I’m officially an FIU vendor and photographed my first event for the School of Accounting. I landed a pretty big contract with the Huntington’s Disease Society of America managing two of their fundraising walks in South Florida. I’ve completely redesigned my website. How I’ve found the time for this – who knows.

I just pray that I learn to keep the balance going and accept the things I cannot change. This business is like a second child of mine – it needs to be fed creative projects, nurtured with constant learning and changed when it gets messy and things don’t work – and I’m determined to be just as good a mommy to Amarticus as I am to Alex…

I’m so grateful for the last 9 months of hectic craziness. I’ve launched a semi-successful creative consulting business, we’ve had 4 different homes, celebrated countless milestones in each of them and grown closer as a family. I may not have been the greatest juggler – I’ve definitely been a giant unsuccessful balancing act…

But 9 months spent watching my daughter grow up and become an adorable ball of hilariousness = something a lot of people don’t get the chance to do.  THAT IS MY KAIROS.