Because, Pregnant.

  1. (of a woman or female animal) having a child or young developing in the uterus.
  2. full of meaning; significant or suggestive.
    “a pregnant pause”

Nowadays, that’s all I feel. Pregnant. Even my pauses, are full of meaning and significant. Because if I’m not talking, chances are I’m crying or trying to hold back the tears. Or vomit. That’s been a hard one to hold back. Too graphic? Too bad, I’m pregnant. 🙂

It feels good to get it out, that’s for sure. For whatever reason the first trimester is this giant secret that no one wants to share for fear of something terrible happening and having to explain it to every one. I read this beautiful blog post back in December, before we knew we were pregnant, about how difficult it is for families to live through a miscarriage – and it changed my perspective completely. If something terrible WAS going to happen – why in the WORLD would we want to keep it a secret? Why in the WORLD would we want to go through it alone?! So, this time we waited a little while to tell everyone, not for fear, but because I was trying to come up with a creative way to announce it – and literally had zero time to do so.

So, we’re Preggers. As of now, the due date is the first week of September, but since I will be having a scheduled C-Section, it might even be a little earlier than that. Who knows! The first 10 weeks have been absolute suffering. I’ve described the first trimester to friends as it feeling like you’re hungover, all the time, and didn’t get to have the fun that usually comes BEFORE the hungover feeling. Think, 1 Gallon of Orange Juice + 1 L of cheap Vodka type sugary yuck hangover, 24/7, with no relief at all. Yay baby! As of today, it’s been a few days without getting sick… so I’m counting my blessings and will be enjoying a Cheeseburger for dinner. Because, Pregnant.

Which seems to be my explanation for a lot of things lately:

“Oh, I can’t participate in this beer chugging Social Media phenom because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I walked right past your office with those certificates and didn’t hand them to you, then went home with them in my purse… Because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, I started to text you back and then I got distracted… Because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m not crying because I’m GENUINELY upset, I’m crying Because, Pregnant.”

So, in my typical over thinking self, I decided it’d be energy better spent thinking about all of the POSITIVE things that could be answered in the same way. For example:

“Yes, I’m about to take a bath, turn on some music and ignore the world. Because, Pregnant.”

“Yes, I’ve created a whole plethora of Pin Boards & Inspiration lists for names, design & baby clothes. Because, Pregnant.”

“Yes, my body is physically making another person. Because, Pregnant.”

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got… so far. Everything will change when I start to feel his/her little flutters. Everything will change when we get to see the beautiful silhouette of a little face, and not a blob. Everything will change when we find out if we’re welcoming another princess, or finally a little prince to the Iglesias family.

In about 30 weeks everything will change. Because, Pregnant.

My Mother’s Roses [pics]

Lately my mom’s turned into somewhat of a Farmer. Pumpkins, Broccoli, Pineapples, Tomatoes, Strawberries… it’s basically a mini plantation in a 6 foot by 15 foot space in her suburban Pembroke Pines home. My favorite thing by far are the 4 ft tall rose bushes she’s been meticulously taking care of and clipping for Chech to give me when I drop her off in the morning. My desk is usually adorned with a few colorful babies from her garden.

Last week when we were over playing in the pool, I snapped a few shots of my favorite Flowers before my mom cut all the blooms off. I’m thinking these might make a cute couple of 5″ canvases for one of my hallways in my new house… What do you think?