Because, Pregnant.

  1. (of a woman or female animal) having a child or young developing in the uterus.
  2. full of meaning; significant or suggestive.
    “a pregnant pause”

Nowadays, that’s all I feel. Pregnant. Even my pauses, are full of meaning and significant. Because if I’m not talking, chances are I’m crying or trying to hold back the tears. Or vomit. That’s been a hard one to hold back. Too graphic? Too bad, I’m pregnant. 🙂

It feels good to get it out, that’s for sure. For whatever reason the first trimester is this giant secret that no one wants to share for fear of something terrible happening and having to explain it to every one. I read this beautiful blog post back in December, before we knew we were pregnant, about how difficult it is for families to live through a miscarriage – and it changed my perspective completely. If something terrible WAS going to happen – why in the WORLD would we want to keep it a secret? Why in the WORLD would we want to go through it alone?! So, this time we waited a little while to tell everyone, not for fear, but because I was trying to come up with a creative way to announce it – and literally had zero time to do so.

So, we’re Preggers. As of now, the due date is the first week of September, but since I will be having a scheduled C-Section, it might even be a little earlier than that. Who knows! The first 10 weeks have been absolute suffering. I’ve described the first trimester to friends as it feeling like you’re hungover, all the time, and didn’t get to have the fun that usually comes BEFORE the hungover feeling. Think, 1 Gallon of Orange Juice + 1 L of cheap Vodka type sugary yuck hangover, 24/7, with no relief at all. Yay baby! As of today, it’s been a few days without getting sick… so I’m counting my blessings and will be enjoying a Cheeseburger for dinner. Because, Pregnant.

Which seems to be my explanation for a lot of things lately:

“Oh, I can’t participate in this beer chugging Social Media phenom because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I walked right past your office with those certificates and didn’t hand them to you, then went home with them in my purse… Because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, I started to text you back and then I got distracted… Because, Pregnant.”

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m not crying because I’m GENUINELY upset, I’m crying Because, Pregnant.”

So, in my typical over thinking self, I decided it’d be energy better spent thinking about all of the POSITIVE things that could be answered in the same way. For example:

“Yes, I’m about to take a bath, turn on some music and ignore the world. Because, Pregnant.”

“Yes, I’ve created a whole plethora of Pin Boards & Inspiration lists for names, design & baby clothes. Because, Pregnant.”

“Yes, my body is physically making another person. Because, Pregnant.”

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got… so far. Everything will change when I start to feel his/her little flutters. Everything will change when we get to see the beautiful silhouette of a little face, and not a blob. Everything will change when we find out if we’re welcoming another princess, or finally a little prince to the Iglesias family.

In about 30 weeks everything will change. Because, Pregnant.

Is it Christmas yet?


Let’s check …


Here in South Florida, we got a little cold front this week. Meaning it went from being sweltering, African Savannah hot, to steamy bathroom shower. I’m SOOOOOOO over this heat and humidity! Mainly because I’m ready to not have a frizzy lion’s mane every day of my life… but also because it’s our first Christmas in our new house!

Call me ridiculous, but one of the main reasons I fell in love with my house is  because of where I envisioned my Christmas Tree. No lie. We pulled up to the house, and hadn’t even opened up the door yet, and I already knew I wanted it. This beautiful little Bay Window in the front was just SCREAMING, “Hey! Hey you, lady! I’m bored. I want a Christmas Tree to make me look sparkly and beautiful and I know you’re JUST the person to do it for me!”

I give you, exhibit A:


Don’t judge me.

But come on! TELL ME this isn’t the PERFECT place to have a pretty shiny Christmas Tree! And that a pretty wreath on the front door won’t bring out the Old Florida green tint that our house has! Not to mention – the old school concrete fence around our front “patio” would look PRETTY good with some Red Ribbon and some white lights!

And if all THAT isn’t enough to get excited about the Holidays… my baby girl is 2 now. She’s old enough to understand some of the most amazing holiday traditions around – Noche Buena, Santa Claus and his awesome reindeer, the magic that is Frosty the Snowman! I’m really excited about starting some Holiday Traditions of our own this holiday season. I cannot WAIT to do Elf on the Shelf with her. Growing up in a Divorced family always LOOKS awesome from the outside because you get MULTIPLE holidays – but it sucks. It’s always rush rush rush here, rush rush rush there – that there’s not really any time for that chill relaxed bonding by the fireplace that are all over December advertising campaigns. I could never really relate to all that. I mean, who has a fireplace in South Florida anyways?!

I digress… but I’m ready for the Holidays. I’m ready to put a creepy little elf doll in odd places of my house and trick my 2 year old into believing it’s a real elf from the North Pole. I’m ready to string up a billion Christmas Lights all over the place, and then regret it a few weeks later when I have to figure out how to take it all down in an organized fashion. I’m ready to open up all my windows, let the cold (and by cold, I mean 60 degree) air whoosh through my house and make us all wish it was July.

Is it Christmas yet?


I’m looking for some fun ideas to do with Alexandria for Elf on the Shelf this year – do you have any suggestions or cool ideas I can steal  get inspired by? What are some of your holiday traditions? Share in the comments below! 🙂


Turning Negatives into Positive

I think we’ve all had those days… Where everything just gets under your skin to the point that it scratches your soul. And nothing goes the way it should. And you just want to climb onto your roof with your laptop, some ice cream and pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist – you know one of THOSE days.

Instead of dwelling on why I wanted to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich – I’d like to share with you what I do with that adrenaline and frustration.

I clean.

The absolute freaking OPPOSITE of what I want to do. I mean – if the day already sucks so bad and nothing is gonna fix it, might as well continue this trend of awful obligations and get some shit done around the house.

20130521-124515.jpgSo I finally organized, cleaned and unpacked all of the remaining boxes in Alexandria’s room. BOOM.

Armed with the Minnie headband I found in box #1, I took to the streets closet and got to work.

Idk about you, but there is nothing more frustrating than digging through a drawer full of baby clothes. You can try as HARD as you’d like to keep it neat – but the dream of a tidy clothes drawer is soon assassinated by the reality of life. The tiny t-shirt needed is ALWAYS at the bottom of the drawer ultimately resulting in the demise of said organization and the time spent folding it all was nothing but a chance for you to actually sit down for 30 minutes.

So – a couple of weeks ago I came across an awesome post on Pinterest with tips specifically for organizing kids drawers. Instead of stacking – lay the stack on its side so you can see everything from top to bottom! Seriously MIND BLOWN.

The result?




Alright so it’s not color coded, and perfectly lined up based on size and type like the article… But it’s WORLDS better than what it was, so I’ll put this one in the “win” column. I can now find the matching pajama top & bottom without requiring a Bachelors in Archeology and post shower dressing is more flowers and puppies and less World War III. On top of having all of Alexandria’s stuff organized – I got something accomplished that made my crappy day seem less ridiculous.

Not to mention the floors in my house are also spotless. 🙂


Do you have any fun “bad day” rituals? Share some with me – or just join me on the roof with some ice cream. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough preferred.

Recently from Vine [VIDEOS]

I’m kind of sort of obsessed with this Vine craze… and lately my feed has been infected by Alexandria’s ridiculousness and other fun musings.

Do you have the app – then follow me!! @Amarticus  I need more people to follow, Simon Rex, Andy Milonakis & Brittany Furlan are getting annoying already…

Scroll down for some fun :06 vines!

Hover over the photo, and unmute them as you scroll down so you’re not overwhelmed with sounds from each one. 🙂 

Balance Schmalance.

I realized today how long its been since I’ve posted – I also realized today how quickly time is passing. Time is the most precious thing on this planet – you can’t control it, it fixes a lot of problems and exacerbates others. Time is a fucking crazy concept. ::cue the philosophy rant::

Either way… in reality, this is why I really started this blog in the first place. To capture all of the moments in my life – and in the other Kairos girls’ lives – to look back and remember how we lived and the kinds of mommies we were [are], and vent out all those frustrations and accomplishments.

Today, I come to my blog with frustration.

Being a mommy is a full time job in itself – something I don’t need to explain to any of you. But what I am struggling with is figuring out my place in the “real world”. After leaving my job as a Fundraiser with Florida International University, I embarked on a journey to explore my creativity & started a small media consulting business… I could set my own hours, figure out my schedule as I needed to with Alex and still keep doing what I love – to be creative.

and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

But the last 9 months haven’t been a walk in the park because, see, when you have a little person THEY become your priority. Not the amazing networking event tomorow, not the potential client’s phone call you haven’t returned, not the e-mail blast to previous clients you’ve been writing – all that is small potatoes. Your priority is your munchkin. Everything that needs to get done for them, gets done first.

To be honest, I’ve not enjoyed every second of this.

See, and if you know me, you know that I look at every scenario in  my life as an opportunity. A missed contract = something better coming down the road. A mistake made while working on a client’s project = a lesson learned to make my services better the next time.

There have been some super exciting accomplishments – I’m officially an FIU vendor and photographed my first event for the School of Accounting. I landed a pretty big contract with the Huntington’s Disease Society of America managing two of their fundraising walks in South Florida. I’ve completely redesigned my website. How I’ve found the time for this – who knows.

I just pray that I learn to keep the balance going and accept the things I cannot change. This business is like a second child of mine – it needs to be fed creative projects, nurtured with constant learning and changed when it gets messy and things don’t work – and I’m determined to be just as good a mommy to Amarticus as I am to Alex…

I’m so grateful for the last 9 months of hectic craziness. I’ve launched a semi-successful creative consulting business, we’ve had 4 different homes, celebrated countless milestones in each of them and grown closer as a family. I may not have been the greatest juggler – I’ve definitely been a giant unsuccessful balancing act…

But 9 months spent watching my daughter grow up and become an adorable ball of hilariousness = something a lot of people don’t get the chance to do.  THAT IS MY KAIROS.

I give up. I’ll NEVER be a Pinterest Mom.


freaking adorable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of making things more interesting. I’m the first one to get bored of simple plain Jane… aaaaand I’ll admit, This rocket ship sandwich is super clever, beautifully executed and pretty damn fun. But HOLY SHIT who has time for this?

I’ve been doing a lot of “Pinteresting” lately, looking for fun ideas for Alexandria’s first birthday party. We’re stuck somewhere between circus and carnival – and oh man there are a lot of options available without going over the top…


But all I keep running into are more and more examples of how I should be making homemade soap to give out at my party,

Can we talk about who named their daughter Pauline, in the 2000's?

or yardsale-ing each weekend to find fun pieces of furniture to turn into a play kitchen,

Biggest problem with this - how hideous is that green.

not to mention that it’s probably better for me to handmake interactive quilted books for my daughter instead of buying plastic ones for her from Marshalls.

I'm obsessed with this. OBSESSED. Aaaaaand that's where the problem is.

Okay, that “Quiet Book” idea is pretty freaking fabulous, but where am I going to find time to do that?!

I think thats where the animosity comes from to be honest. All of these things are amazing. Creative & Fun, but so incredibly effing time consuming. Truth of the matter is – I found myself getting so wrapped up in how amazing and wonderful a lot of these things are, and losing sight in the whole reason for doing them. My family.

Thought Process: They are the reason all of this stuff is exciting, because if it puts a smile on their faces, then all the work was worth it!

The Reality: they’d rather spend the time with me, not my creation.

Why am I letting all of these projects intimidate me? Why am I letting myself feel like shit because I’m not making creative cupcakes for dessert every night?

Pretty sure these are the coolest cupcakes I've ever seen.

This fucking presentation of absolutely insane cupcakes isn’t going to make my family love me any more. They’re not going to sign me up for Mother of the Year because I made a marshmallow chicken bone & picked out Green Skittles for their “veggie” cupcake. (Ignoring the fact that my 9month old can’t eat this shit yet, & SuperMaura will kill me for even suggesting this sugar, dairy filled unhealthy chaos of a snack, this is all in hypotheticals to make my point, obviously)

So this is my official middle finger to the world of overdone projects. I got shit I gotta do. Like feed a 9 month old, keep up with my growing business, love my man and all the little things in between. I want to enjoy the little things in between. The funny faces, the dora dance… The joy of editing a fun set of portraits, or volunteering to help out a friend’s organization… Dinner in Downtown with the hubby and nights on the balcony with a bottle of wine. You don’t see that on Pinterest! You see that in your memories – those things are my Kairos – and that’s what I’m focusing on from now on!

Ok, from Alexandria’s Birthday on. 😉


There is nothing more powerful than an inspired, dedicated heart. That feeling of purpose, focus and excitement that lights the fire of action to get you going. That is exactly how I feel right now.

Since Alexandria made her Grand Entrance 9 months ago, my life has been a crazy roller coaster. I left my 9-5, took a leap of faith into my business, moved twice, managed family issues, wiped up lots of boogies & spit, learned how to administer infant breathing treatments, packed and moved again.

And right now, as I sit here in my brand new apartment, with my young family, with this swarm of butterflies in my stomach and a marathon of thoughts treading through my head. Business. Home. Photography. Design. Non-Profit. Pizza. Closets. Baby. ::yawn:: Most of the thoughts have something to do with one of the above words. But the task of organizing all of them is just downright exciting.

And it’s all thanks to this sweet little old lady I had the pleasure to serve at Bonefish… after forgetting for the THIRD time the butter (on ice) she asked for I sighed and apologized – “It’s been a long day. I’m so sorry, I’ll be right back with that”. I tried so hard to hide that my brain was about to explode from all the stress. Worked till midnight the night before, Chech was up at 6:30, moved all morning to head to the restaurant by 5pm… it was already 9, and I was mentally waving my white flag of defeat. If I was J.D. from Scrubs, the camera would’ve zoomed to me standing on the bar, mop with a white towel tied to the end, just waving back and forth.

When I returned, she asked me if everything was okay, and without going into to much detail I just replied “Life is wonderful, just working hard to keep it that way”.

“You’ve heard what to do when life gives you lemons, right?” She asked.

“Make lemonade?” I replied, curiously.

“Exactly.” She stated. “Everyone loves lemonade. But everyone loves lemonade in their own way. Some like it really sweet, some like it sour, some like it with lots of lemon juice, some like it a little more watered down. Make lemonade the way YOU like it, and you’ll be grateful you had the lemons to begin with. And if you have vodka, add a little of that too. It never hurt nobody.” (#Kairos.)

Cue the cheesy music, let’s start the montage of footage where I finish out my shift floating on rainbows and where every table left me a 25% tip…. okay back to reality.

I’d heard that fluffball saying 6,000 times, and just thought “ugh, ok ok stop being so damn perky.” This was the first time that I actually realized that I should be grateful for my lemons. Be grateful for all of the lessons. The Stress. The heartache. The pain. All of it – because all of it is adding the perfect amount of ingredients to my lemonade. In the end it will be just the way that I LIKE IT.

So, in Honor of sweet little “Mrs. B”, Check out my new screensaver. 🙂

Thanks to my little inspiration from last night, and my amazing new space, I’m excited to start the next chapter in my life. Back to work effectively, Back in Downtown Fort Lauderdale – Me, My Javy and My Checha.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone. <3



With all this talk of Lemonade, I figured I’d share with you a delicious “special mint lemonade” recipe I re-pinned on Pinterest from a Fab blog called “Sugar and Charm”.

Recipe (makes 6 mason jar cocktails) 

1 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemonade
1 cup sugar or a sugar substitute (you can add more if you like sweeter lemonade 😉
6 cups water
6 shots of Vodka (Amart here: I’m a Grey Goose fan, so I may be using this instead – just a personal preference)
Handful fresh mint leaves
In a saucepan heat the sugar with 1 cup water until it’s fully dissolved. Let the mixture chill in the fridge until cold. Once chilled muddle the handful of mint in the sugar mixture. Pour the fresh squeezed lemon juice, sugar mixture, vodka, mint and the rest of the water into a large pitcher and mix well. If you want, you can add the vodka to individual drinks too. Add ice to each glass or set some aside in a self-serving bowl next to the lemonade for your guests to hand-scoop. You can also garnish each glass with a lemon and a skewer!Thanks Sugar & Charm!